divendres, 3 de gener de 2014

My trip to Paris

They say Paris is Fabulous, ok, it is but not so fabulous as they say. Everybody was telling me before the trip that is magic and is the city of love... I think it would be a nice place if you don't go with your parents, you could go party, visit more interesting places and enjoy it more... It was a little frustrating because there were couples everywhere and I was single and it was sad hahaha I stayed there the new year's eve, we diner in the hotel and then we went to champs Elyseés to see the Arc of triomf, it was awesome, the people was shouting and well... Couples kissing each other and me, just watching Louis Vuiton shop and sayuing, I want this Bag!!! I went to Galeries la Fayette  end everything were luxury brands and this kind of things. Perople that you would never say that they are rich, was buying in Channel or Zanotti... In Conclusion: If you want to go to Paris, go with fiends and a credit card!
 You can see all the pictures on the link bellow!