diumenge, 29 de novembre de 2015

Oral presentation: Catwalks.

Here is my oral presentation about Catwalks. I hope you like it even though I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nervous.


My Mad Fat Diary

Oh my God, I am so sad! This summer I got hooked up with a serie that only has 3 seasons with eleven episodes and it's called My Mad Fat Diary.
It was awesome, it is about a girl called Rae Earl: She has been i  rehab because of her mental problems, she tried to comite suicide because she doesn't got self-stime and she practiced self-harm. Once she gets out from the rehab, she starts go meet with her old best briend and then she meets with her group of friends, they call theirself "The Gang". There she meets Finn, the love of her life and then a lot of things happen.
She tries to do a normal life like go to school, college and all that king of stuff but then her illness shows up again. 
It is a really interesting serie because it is quite realistic and it is based in 1996 wich is really cool because you can see how the fashion was then. I definetely recomend it to everybody because it is a really nice show and you can learn some English grammar although, the British accent was quite difficult for me to understand because I am used to the American one but then you star to get it.
I hope that someday the producers consider to do some more seasons. 

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What a sad Monday!!!

Students find popular high school teacher hanged in classroom

Jillian Jacobson, a photography teacher at El Dorado High school, committed suicide in her classroom in Placentia, California, The Huffington Post reports. She was 31. When students tried to enter the classroom Monday morning, they found the door locked and asked another teacher to help them unlock it. They found Jacobson hanged inside and called the police immediately. When the paramedics arrived, Jacobson was pronounced dead at the scene. Police believe there was no foul play in her death. Jacobson had worked at El Dorado High School since 2008, and she was reportedly a wonderful influence on the students' lives. "She would ask everybody how their weekend was," student Lacie Urquhart said. "If you were down, she would try to help you. She was just a very kind, loving person."


This is so sad!! Sometimes people who looks like is happy is the saddest. Sometimes a depression is not visible, I mean, sometimes you can't tell that someone is drepressed because it's always lively and cheerful. It's a shaim to lost a good teacher or someone that supports you.
She was only 31! She was so young and everybody loved her, she really looked nice.  But as I said, sometimes people hide their feelings and have a war in their minds and that cause a depression. Life is beautiful, not always, almost always is hard, maybe personally, profersionally or if you are a teenager sometimes you feel like you cannot manage everything (exams actually), although it doesn't mean that you have to surrender. Do the best you can and carry on.

dissabte, 28 de novembre de 2015

The Reason Miss Canada Can't Participate In Miss World Will Upset You.

​The New York Times reports that Miss Canada, Anastasia Lin, has been denied a visa to China, which means she won't be able to participate in the 65th annual Miss World contest happening in Hainan, China. The denial apparently happened because the 25-year-old actress and pianist has advocated for human rights and religious freedom in China.
After waiting in vain for weeks, Ms. Lin packed up her Canadian-designed eveningwear on Wednesday and quietly boarded a Hong Kong-bound flight with the hope she might obtain an on-demand visa at the border and perhaps slip unnoticed into mainland China.

The Chinese authorities, tipped off to her arrival, barred her from flying onward to Hainan.

Speaking by telephone from Hong Kong on Thursday, Ms. Lin said she was angry and disappointed but not entirely surprised. "I have every right to be at that event," she said. "It's kind of sad. I mean, I'm just an acting student and a beauty queen. What could they possibly be so afraid of?"

The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa issued a statement on Thursday saying: "China welcomes all lawful activities organized in China by international organizations or agencies, including the Miss World pageant. But China does not allow any persona non grata to come to China."

Lin seems undeterred, though.

When Chinese government security agents visited her father (who lives in China) shortly after her Miss Canada win to complain about her human rights work, he became scared to speak to her. But instead of backing down and staying silent, Lin wrote an wrote an op-ed article in The Washington Post​ about it.

​"If I don't speak out for what's right, it will send out a terrible message to those who experience China's fear and intimidation and don't have the ability to fight back," she said.


This is so unfair. She just wanted to  stand up for some human rights. But she she has nothing to do, I mean she's not a strong celebrity or a powerful . She just said the truth about what was going on with her dad in China. She just wanted to say that her dad's job is precarious and she just tryed to transfer that missage.
It is so sad that people can't talk about some kind of stuff in the era we are living. We should be allowed to say what we want to say. It is not necessary to take this extremes mesures, she's harmless, what she can do with it? She's not Obama or another important personality, she's just an art student.
It also doen't makes sense because now she will not can to visit fer dad in China because of that. I just can say that it is so sad because it happens in my Mom's country (Cuba) as well. Sometimes you can't return because of your political ideology.

A woman buys whole toy store, donates contents to homeless children.

NY1 News reports on the ~heartwarming~ story of New York City philanthropist Carol Suchman, who recently purchased an entire toy store's worth of toys as holiday gifts for homeless children in the city. Suchman donates toys regularly, but this year on a much grander scale after noticing a shuttered toy store advertised as for rent in her neighborhood— a toy store still full of toys. She told NY1 she contacted the owner and "negotiated" a deal to buy all the contents in bulk (adding that the owner was "thrilled" with her offer) which she then passed along to NYC's Department of Homeless Services.
A DHS spokesperson said that they frequently benefit from "generous sponsors" and "toy drives" regularly, but "this is the first time anybody ever bought out an entire store and donated to the children of shelters." While telling TODAY.com that she's thrilled by the positive response to her generosity — the waitress in her local coffee shop gave her a kiss, even — Suchman added simply that "everyone can use a gift around the holidays." 
So hey, stop and think for a second as you go treat yourself come Black Friday and its messy doorbuster sales (if not this holiday season in general) and maybe find a way to treat someone else also. You deserve it, sure, but so do many other folks too.


This is so sweet. Thanks to that woman, a lot of poor children will smile for once. They have a tough life and their parents can't afford to buy them toys.  I personally believe that every parent should teach their children that there's a lot of poor kid that they are not as lucky as they are and they hace to share more. 
I remember that when I was a child my Mom and I collected some toys that I wasn't using to give them away to an ONG just before christmass. She always told me that Santa Claus would be better if I was a good girls and give that toys to them. It was such a funny day because my Mom made it to look easy and funnier. Sometimes I was too generous because I wanted to give them everything I had and I always felt happy to do that. I was always asking my Mom when are we supposed to do the toys collect, I was excyted.
It is a way to make homeless children happier because sometimes you cannot afford to buy them new toys but you can contribute give them all the toys that you don't use. When I grow up and have children I'll do the same with my kids and show them that sometimes things are not as easy as they seem.
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The power of make up.

Sometimes you have a special event and you want to look stunning and gorgeous: you have the perfect outfit, with the perfect bag and the perfect heels but unfurtunately, your face is an effing mess!
Hopefully today we have a magical solution to know how to fix your face and do your make up: You Tube tutorials. I am obessed with them. I have learnt a lot about contourning, baking, plumping lips, and all that technics that celebrities use.
I follow a lot of youtubers like Lizy P, Zoella, Huda beauty, ratolina, easy neon and specially Nikkietutorials. She has done a very interesting video to show up the power that make up has. However, this video became viral in just a week and made increased her number of subscribers. It is such a nice video because you can see how she looks with and without make up. 
She only does the half of her face and the other one is make up free. I think that this is nice because she shows that nobody is perfect, not even youtubers and shows us how make up change our face as well.
I'll let you some vides below and some pics to show you how my make up skills have improved. I hope you like it!

Nikkie's Video

My make up

My plans next year.

This year is the last year of high school, finally!!!
My plan is to move on to Barcelona because I want to study there ans actually I have a tiny flat. I think I am going to study English or hotel direction, but what I like the most is English, but time will tell.
What I would like to do next year is to do a fashion blog and a youtube chanel about make up, beauty tricks, hair care and all that kind of stuff.
I'm so excited by the fact that I am gping to be independent and selfsuficient, I'm going to meet new people and I amb going to be my boyfriend as well.
I have some friends there and I know that I'm not going to be alone, but I want to find new friends. I am going to be in the city and there are a lot of things to do. I am lucky to have a flat because it is really expensive to live in Barcelona and it is also on the beach front!
Hmm... maybe I won't come back to home for the summer...!

dijous, 26 de novembre de 2015

Coffee brand "Change Please" will help one homeless people get back into work.

A new coffee brand, styled on the The Big Issue magazine, is set to help once homeless people get started on a new career.
Change Please coffee will employ baristas getting back on their feet after being homeless. They will be paid London living wage, allowing them to develop the skills and experience needed to enter the mainstream workforce after six months. To begin with, about six staff will be brewing up and serving the £2.50 cups of coffee. This should rise to about 12 staff during the month, the Press Association reports.

Change Please will help formerly homeless people get back into the mainstream workforceThe coffee is now being sold from eight coffee carts dotted around several London hotspots, such as Covent Garden and Borough, before being rolled out across the capital over the coming month.
At the end of the six months, Change Please will be working with firms from the food and beverage, legal and banking sectors to try to find permanent work for the baristas.
It hopes the coffee carts will become as familiar a street feature as The Big Issue sellers.
The former City trader said: "We promise one of the best cups of coffee you'll find, but even better, we guarantee that this program will make a significant contribution to helping alleviate the homeless problem across the country – if we can get a small proportion of coffee drinkers to simply change where they buy their coffee, we really could change the world.”
Peter Bird, of The Big Issue, said that the scheme would help to fill a gap for people working their way out of homelessness.
He said: "Selling the Big Issue works well to provide people currently living on the streets with a way to help themselves work towards a better life, but there is a gap between that segment of homelessness and securing a regular job that needed a solution.
“Change Please provides that and will hopefully be the hand up that people need to work their way back in to society."

It is such a great initiative to contribute to help homeless people to get a job. I think that homeless are a current problem in our countries which are totally capitalist and some people aren't allow to have a house or study and sometimes is hard for them to pay studies or they have complications to find a job because of their lack of studies.
This project is nice. It allows disadvantaged people to work at their coffee shops and teach them the job and go further on their category. 
We could say that this kind of situations where people are poor is like a social charge. We all blame ourselves because we cannot do anything about that but give them some coins or buy them a hot sandwitch with a cup of tea. Personaly I do feel bad about that because I know that it's hard to live like that, I have traveled and thankfully I have seen diferent ways of life.

cosmetics for women and men. Where is the limit?

Wer are living in the visual time and images are the ones who talk about everything. We are surrounded by advertisments, videoclips, photos on instagram, twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc.
If we pay attention to tv ads, we can see that most of them are about cosmetics, which are showed up with young and skinny people. They show us how fantastic the product is, that the effects are incredible but, have you ever thought that they are just models? They are just payed to be in the advertisments, not to try the benefits of the cosmetic or the damages in some cases.
Sometimes watching that commercials you feel like: "Oh this must be nice!" "This is going to be incredible for my skyn or my body!" "this is going to be the perfect fundation to complet my make up" or maybe "If Kendall Jenner uses that, it will work with me!". 
I think we are completly wrong. We are so obsessed to look like the celebrities or models that we forget about ourselfs. Personally I believe that you have to look for the cosmetics that are good for you, not for anyone else. 
I'm sick and tired about looking for the perfect fundation because sometimes they dont allow my skyn to breath or something I am not a body milk or a face moinsture person, I bare wear products on skyn. I just wear deodorant which is the same as always sice I was a child and my Valentina perfume. Now that I am young I like to enjoy the skyn that I have untill wreankles show up and say: Hello baby, we are here and we won't stop growing up!

diumenge, 1 de novembre de 2015

Is Humor necessary?

Humor has been around us for as long as it has been humanity HAS been humanity, even monkeys laugh! In my opinion, laughter is a primary instinct, if something is funny, we laugh, isn’t it basic?We all know humorless people, we all know people who are always smiling and laughing, but I am sure that if you are alone in a crowded place, you will chose the 2nd: a good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.There are a lot of scientific research projects prove that laughter is necessary for our body for instance, it boosts our immune system but for me laughter is the best medicine.It increases my mood when I am ill. This summer I spent one week in the hospital and the best medicine were my family, friends and boyfriend’s company. They were always trying to make me laugh and I felt better when I laughed...  I wouldn’t have stayed strong without laughter.