dimecres, 3 de desembre de 2014

Film review: Maleficient

This film is about Maleficient's story and as you know she is the witch in sleeping beauty. It is not the same story as you have seen, therefore there are much more things behind this version. First you can see how was Maleficient when she was a child and then an adolescent, when she became bad. She's so disappointed with love and someone stole her wings.
I personally liked this film because you can see that she's not as bad as she seems.
Angelina Jolie is Maleficient and I think she's a really good actrees. There were a lot of characters,Sleeping Beauty whose name is Aurora, Phlip prince, the king and the three Godmother fairies, who takes care of Aurora since she's born. There are a lot of special effects because there are monsters, fire and this kind of fantastic things. My favourite part is the ending but...  I WON'T TELL IT!

PS: there's a Song from Lana del Rey 

Repeating 1st of batxillerat.

This year I'm repeating 1st of batchillerat and I feel much better now. Last Year was totally different because there were a lot of groups in class and that was awfull, everybody was in a bad mood. Although, we were mixted, social with scientist one. It was hard because in some subjects, teachers treat us like if everybody was doing the scientist.
My marks were horrible and sad, I failed 7 subjects but in june recuperations I passed 4. I could pass If I recuparate in September, I didn't want do though. I shoud have been studying the whole summer and thi te TDR work and the very important reason was the medium final mark. 
I so happy to have taken this decision and I think I'm doing it fine. University ias waiting for me.

My dreamed job.

I love fashion and I really like to draw my own desings, I do it since I was 8. I started to draw my barbies with different clothes that I wanted to have for the and instead I'm growing up I still draw clothes. What I like the most to draw are wedding dresses and bridemaids dresses.
When I was a child I use to watch the news with my parents in the evening and I was always waiting for the final part before sports, where sometines showed catwalks. I was amazed and I always wanted to be there and watch it in live. In the morning, when I was alone before going to school, my parents where working and I had the TV for myself, that was great because everymorning in Cosmopolitan tv put a diferent designer catwalk and since that moment I get this hobby more seriously.
I know that is a very hard an competitive world, but I hope to study design and achieve this dream.

News: Tebbit and the euthanasia dilema.

Tebbit reveals his disabled wife told him " you'd be better off without me" as he speaks out agains assisted dying law.

Lord Tebbit's wife was paralysed in the 1984 IRA Bombing in Brighton hotel. Since that moment Mrs Tebbit has been in pain and unhappy. So she told her husband that she wants to die and leave pacefully. Since that moment he has been fighting in house of lords in favour of diying assist.

I think that is a justificated reason if you are in pain and you dont want to live enymore like this, to use the euthanasia. It has to be formalized by a lawyer to be legal and be in some kind of limits. Everybody has the right to dye with dignity and pacefully. She has been sufferinf for years and this is not fair for anyone, everybody has to leave happily without any kind of pain. Maybe if you are sick and you'll have a painfull way of die you want to have an assiested death. Brittany Maynard  made it in the USA, she has to move on to another state to be allowed of die intencionally. So, I believe that mrs. Tebbit has the same right and have hope for a better life somewhere, and hope for a better life for her husband.

Lord Tebbit said his wife Margaret had been in constant pain for the last 30 years, since she was injured in the 1984 IRA Brighton bombing, and the pain was getting worse

dimarts, 2 de desembre de 2014

What's the best age?

When we were 7 we just wanted to have fun and think about what could I wear the next day. Now that I'm 17 I can just think about exams, homework and I have to hit the books a lot. When we were 7 we didn't think obout what people could say about our clothes and we wore colorful dresses and funny tights. When we were 7 we didn't judge a book for it's cover, we were friends with all kinds of people and we had fun with them. Now people criticize us only for being how we are. I miss those afternoons playing in a park with my friends or going to Planeta Màgic.
But being 17 (18 now) is not so bad, you have more freedom to decide what you want to do and you are able to do things on your own, people change and it's normal, we find new friends, we have more ideas and a new perspective to see the life. I cannot choose between these two options because growing up is fun, and after all: impossible to avoid.

Tired of comercial music

Almost everybody listens to comercial music, and for me it's a little bit boring. People is used to listen the same, when ther'es a lot of really good artists unknowns. I think that we are ade by a factory because it happens the same with clothes, thoughts and some kind of things. Sometimes we feel ashaim of being different, when being different is the best thing that you can be. Of course you can preteand that you are not like the others but that's fake and a stupid thing.  Tthe best thing you can be is yourself and be the best you can be. 
There's a song that I really like because it talks about of this: be yourself. Sometimes is hard if you are alone but I'm sure that someday It'll someone who can understands you. The song has been written by Jessy J. Ok, I know that now she's more popular but I still like her. Enjoy it!