dimecres, 24 de febrer de 2016

God oh's and Hell no's!!!

These lasts 6 months I have been buying a lot of cosmethics such as make up or mousturizers. Some of them have stunnied me and the other ones have horrorized me. That's why I am doing  God oh's and Hell no's!
I'm gonna start with the Hell no's because I want to leave the best products for the finish.
The first Hell no is the Garnier BB cream, I thought that it'd be nice because it is a good brand but not over-prized I opened it and the texture was ok, because it is a cream, not a foundation. Although I bought the medium color, it was too dark and when I wear it I look like an Oompa Loompa!!! The other problem is that it stings, Ifelt like my face was on fire, then I saw that I had a lot of pimples, definetely a Hell No. The next product that i hate is the Garnier Shampoo "Adiós daños".
Last summer I made some Californian highlights in my hair and it was kinda dry and burned so, I went to the grocery and I bougt this shampoo and its mask. I have to say that the 1st day it worket, wy hair was alive again! but the next day that I use it it was even more dry than before I use it. Another product that disappointed me a little was the Chanel foundation, the formula it's quite liquid and I need it more foundation than usual and it is quite expensive. The last Hell no is the Flomar primer, I have to say that Flomar is kinda low cost and if you are buying small things like eye shadows, lipsticks or highlighters for instance, it has a good quality-price relation, but if you are thinking about buying a foundation or a primer, save some more money and buy a good one ( I recommend the Mac primer) because ok you spreed it on your face and it feels soft but then when you want to put your foundation you have to be super fast because it dries up in a second on the other hand, it makes you feel like you have the face dirty and sticky, that's why I don't like it and I think that it doesn't fullfill it's function, make your make up last longer.
Let's talk about the God Oh's!!!! The first lucky product is the Estée Lauder foundation, the price is kinda high like the Chanel one but it is worth it. It feels like you are not wearing make up and it lasts a lot even if you are not wearing a primer, the other thing that I have to mention is that once you have spreed it on your face you can keep contourning your face with bronzer because it allows you to strew all kind of powders on your face because it is not sticky and as I said it is like a second skyn. talking about bronzers my favourite one is the mercadona bronzer, it bought it my Mom and I have to say that I was kinda opposed to use it because, you know it is cheap and I don't know... hahaha but it is nice because it is not an Oompa Loompa colour, so it is nice to contour. 
One of my favourite products for hair is the Oro Fluido oil, because it is made of argan oil and some other escential oils like Vainilla or Cinnanon oil, and it is S T U N N I N G  I only use this after shower and my curls look soft, wavy and perfect!
Last but not list my favourite product, the Velvet Rouge Coco by Chanel, it is amazing! It lasts a lot and it looks nice, by the moment I only have one (the nº 38) but I want to buy another one because I love red lipstick because I consider that it is a Must Have for every woman.
That's it I hope that it's been usefull for you.

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dilluns, 22 de febrer de 2016

London Suitcase!!

We are going to lonndon on the 25th of February until the 29th  but here's the problem: I can only bring 10kg of hand luggage!!!
We are spending 4 days there and I don't know the weather is going to be like. Obviously I can check it on my iPhone but what if it doesn't work? I am an amazing packer because I am used to travelling, but with an avarage of 24kg of luggage! I roll up all my clothes because it doesn't need as much space as folded clothes. But here's the big deal: what can I do with my make-up? I have a lot of make up and I am terrified that police will make me throw it up? I need to put it in a plastic bag but what about the eye shadows? Do they considere them liquit or not? I have a huge  palette but I can't bring it.
Another thing that bothers me are the shoes: How any pair of shoes should will I wear? Rain boots, UGGs, Vans or platform shoes? 
this is going to ve a massive headache. It  is the worst nighmare ever!

dissabte, 6 de febrer de 2016

Research Paper Abstract.

Cinema Soundtracks.

Keywords: Soundtrack, cinema, art, movies.

Have you ever wondered what's the role of that song in that part of the movie? Has it an explaination? Have sountracks and cinema changed along history? How composers do the music score? 
Music in cinema has been there since mute movies, there was a man with a piano while the people was watching the movie. In the transition to talking cinema, most of the people did not like the actors' voice or instead of that they did not speak the same lenguage. 
There's a lot of explainations for these questions and in my Research Paper I am going to respond that.
First of all I want to make sure that everybody unterstands the functions of the music in movies, then I want to travel through the histori of them and then check how the composers compose the soundtracks.
In the practical part I'll do some surveys with the help of a video that I made with c¡some sequences of the movies to confirm that they fullfill it's functions.