dimecres, 27 de maig de 2015

My experience at the W Hotel in Barcelona!!!

On the 15th of March, this year, my boyfriend Lluis and I had our 1st anniversary as a couple.
I was so excited! But the week before he told me that he couldn't come and celebrate it because it was his granny's birthday or something like that so I got very upset because our plans were cancelled. We supposed to go to "La Tagliatella's" restaurant and have dinner there. But what could I do?
On Friday afternoon someone knock the door, I went to open it and it was Lluis with a huge bouquet of flowers and laughing. My Parents knew it, I was mad because I had a terrible week because of his fault!
He told me that I had to pack some clothes becasue tomorrow morning we will go somewhere amazing. I couldn't believe it.
By the way, I could see that we were going to barcelona, so I asked that if we were going to his house, but he didn't tell me nothing and that confused me. When we arrived to barcelona he passed in fornt of his house but he kept driving. He parked in a parking next to the W Hotel and he took me to the square next to that hotel were we always spend most of our time. I asked him again that where we were going because we couldn't stay on that square longer, it was about to rain. 
He had a paper inside his shirt and I didn't know what was that so he told me to go to the desigual Store which is in front of the W. but he took me in his arms and carried me to the Hotel door. I was too confused to talk, I was inside the hotel! I didn't know what was happening, I thought that maybe we were going to have lunch there but he went to the receptionist, a very kind boy, that he had a "Mega Room" reserved. The receptionist told us to wait because the room wasn't ready yet. 
We went to the bar and had a glass of white wine and had a snack, and he explained me that It was his anniversary present because on the 1st date, he carried me to the square next to it and we anjoyed the views together. I was almos crying because my present was a Photo album with all the photos that we made by that year and our funny quotes, what could I do then?
A boy came to carry our suitcases to the room and give us the card to get into the room, so half an hour later we went there. The suite was on the 23th floor, and when he opened the door I was sorprised, the room was beautiful: we had the bes views I had never seen, barcelona and the sea, a huge shower that seemed another room, it was like a rain shower, a huge bathtub, a huge and soft bed, It was amazing. We had champain and strawberries with chocolate, so we opened the bottle and we ate the strawberries and I gave him my present which it was cobered by several news paper layers and the present paper. When at least he opened it, he started to watch it and started to cry. He told me that it was the perfect present and that he is the happiest boy because of me, I satarted to cry because that made me so happy. 
We wanted to go for a walk but it was a huge storm, so we spend the whole afternoon in the suite lauging and having a great time, watching the magnificent storm sitted on the windows because they had a space to sitt there. 
At  night we were sturbing, so I put my new dress on and we went to have dinner on the waves restaurant, the Hotel restaurant, so we had a tasting menue and it was delicious, but for me the dessert was the best, it was like a coconut tiramisú. When we finished, we went to have a walk with his car because it was cold and he carried me to watch the best places of Barcelona at night, like he Agbar tower, La Sagrada Familia, Pg. de Gràcia, and another places. Everything was perfect. It was 12 am, our anniversary! We got back to the hotel and we went to The Eclipse night clup but it was too borring, so we went to the bar, which its amazing and very chilling and had drink and we asked to carry us a tarrine of Ben and Jerry's ice cream to watch a fim on the suite. We went to sleep late but we enjoyed a lot that week end but unfurtunately we had to leave at 3 pm. 
When we left we went to out favourite restaurant, La Comptal, and had lunch there, then I left by AVE to Figueres. 

DEFINITELY it was the best week end of my life, I spend it with who I wanted and were we wanted. I advice you to go t that Hotel once in your life. We are thinking about go again the next year.