diumenge, 25 de novembre de 2012

Just me

I'm a shy person and when I'm nervous I talk too mutch, and I don't stop laughing. I'm a nervous person, I'm moving all the time. At the firs impression I apperar serious and posh, but when you know me well, I'm funny. I love fashion and make-up, I always try to look pretty. I'm very insecure with myself and my body. I like to go to the gym, I go four times a week. I love to spend time with my friends and do silly things with them, go shopping or go to partys and I love music too.
I think I am a good friend because I like to help and give advices, I prefere to listen than talk because this way I can know how my friends feel. When a friend is sad I get sad too and I have to help them somehow.
I when I'm sad I like to go for a walk alone or with my dog or talk with my mum because she always calms me.
So I think I need to change my confidence problems to be moreconfident with myself, but always to be myself.
Marta Salvatella.

My Hero

It is very difficult to choose just one hero so I chose my godfather,  tete. When we had the great fire of Alt Empordà, he went there with the motor-bike of the work, is Mosso, and ran out of petrol in the middle of the forest,he had to move very quickly because he was on midle of the fire . He was very lucky to be able to leave on time. This is also my hero because he knows me well and he care’s of me a lot and show me  to take a trial bike. I love you Tete! <3

dilluns, 5 de novembre de 2012

Possible careers:

  • Bodily: actor, designer,  personal trainer, dancer.
  • Interpersonal: actor, communications manager, marketing specialist.
  • musical: DJ, singer, voice actor.

Compare your graphic & careers. Do you agree with your intelligeces? Yes, because I don't like maths and I love things that makes me move.

the world's best photos

La Costa Brava
This photo is very paceful and romantic. The sun set in the beach is a moment when you can relax, be quite, tinnk about your problems or an other things. This photo makes me feel peace and calm.
The photo ws take in Platja d'Aro, in Catalonia, where the sea watter is very clear  and the sand is very soft. Platja d'Aro is a very touristic place wich runs South to Nord of the costa brava and connects with villages, towns, beachs and medieval castles. You can go for a walk or in bicicle by the "camí de ronda". The beach is protected by the ciffs and accesible by little ways.
Is a romantic place where you can have a nice day.