divendres, 8 de març de 2013

My perfect day

I think my perfect day would have to start with a big break fast with pan cakes, guayaba juice and Chai tee in my suite in a hotel. Then I will go shopping without limit untill lunch time(14:00) , lunch will be a fantastic picnic, made by a top chef and will ear sitting next to the sea, on the beach  and then go for a walk on the beach. After the walk I will go to the spa and spend all the afternoon there. At night I will meet with a very hansome boy and go ice skating after have a nice dinner in a beautibul Italian restaurant.

My summer

this summer will not be like other ones, maybe I will work. I will work at the social local in Cabanes or maybe in an Outlet shop in Roses. Everything depends on to  the Outlet shop. I prefer to working at the outlet because I love clothes and it's better than working in the bar because in the outlet I work in the afternoon and in the bar I'm going to work at night on the terrace. But maybe if I work in the Outlet I get bored if no one enters into the shop anth to work in the terrace is fun. But well we going to see what will I do. I am looking forward to work, but I will miss my freetime to go to the beach, the swimming pool... :)

diumenge, 3 de març de 2013

my favourite Tv serie: Litle pretty liars (pequeñas mentirosas)

My favourite tv serie is Litle pretty liars, it talks about 5 friends, one of them is dead. After her murder the rest of friends (Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily) are acosed for an anonim person: -A who send messages theatening them every day. In the begginning, Aria knows a boy olther than she and they fell in love, then he beggin to work in her high school as a teacher and -A is trying to separate them. Emily is lesbian her mother didn't know but -A betrayed her. Spencer was coiled with her sister future husband and Hannah was fat in the pass but she thinned a lot, she had problems with money and her mom (who work in a bank) borrowed.
Alison (the dead one) was the leader of them, she was perverse and manipulative with her friends, she always made bulling at everybody who didn't like her and a lot of peopple want to see her dead.
I think is a fantastic serie, is always interesting and always keeps the intrigue, you have to see it to understand me. The clothes are fantastic, the history, songs, everything!
 I'm addicted to this serie, I think -A is Alison's murder.

Talking about love...

Sometimes we love someone woh doesn't love us, maybe a friend, a neighbor, an unknow person, but usualy , almost  always is a friend. This is the worst because yo don't know what can you do, you don't know what he feels about you and you are afraid to say him that you are in love with he for a lot of reasons like: spoile your friendship or the shame. So in my case I found this song and makes me feel understood because it happened to me a lot of times and I'm always afraid to say him "I love you". So if you are in my situation listen this song, it can make you feel better:)

You've been awake for hours, / Has estat despert durant hores
I've been awake for days. / Jo he estat desperta durant dies
My eyes to feel like I'm asleep/  els meus ulls es senten com adormits
stuck inside an empty dream. / atrapada en un somni vuit
Question if this is even real,/ preguntant-me si això és real
a cliché way for me to feel./ Un cliché per mi per sentir
Unfinished messages to send,/ missatges inacabats per enviar
I told you I never want to end./ et vaig dir que mai volia acabat

I've watched you break yourself in two/ vaig veure com et trencaves en dos
and try to give me half. / i intentant donant-me la meitat
And I seem to wonder what it takes to work, / I vaig intentar preguntar-me que necessitàvem per funcionar
to make this last./ per que això duri més

Only two more days,/ només dos dies més
to kill the mess we've made/ per matar l'error que vam cometre. 
And give the lions something to hunt for./ i donar-li als lleons alguna cosa per caçar
Cause now the ace is played, / perquè ara l'as està jugat
the desks are under queen of spades. / Els escriptoris estan baix les reines d'espases
There's nothing left for us to hope for./ no hi ha res que poguem esperar per nosaltres.

And I'd run to the furthest place I need to,/ i necessito córrer a un lloc llunyà
just to hear love./ només per escoltar amor
Cause I need to find out/ necessito trobar
how it feels to be broken in two hearts./ com es senten els cors trencats
Ohh. / jajaja això no cal traduir-ho

And do you think that I've run out on you now?/creus que he fugit de tu ara?
Cause I still yearn, if we pretend./ perquè segueixo enyorant, si ho preteniem
Can we go back to where broken things only needed plasters to mend./ podem tornar enrrere on les coses s'arreglaven amb tirites.

Let's stay awake for hours, / anem a quedar-nos desperts 
just like we did back then. / com feiem abans
When you draw pictures on my hand / quan dibuixaves dibuixos a la meva mà
in permanent marker pen./ amb un boli permanent 
We watch the sun go down,/ mire el sol ponent-se 
but never feel the end./ però mai sentir el final 
Cause I know the sun and darkness are/ perque se que el sol i la foscor són 
more than friends./ més que amics