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Final reflection.

Compare your 1st written post and your last composition. Any differences?
Well as you can see my 1st composition is kinda messy and also very short. I think that I wasn't awared about what connectors and prepositions are! This makes me laugh out loud because now I can write a post long like a news paper! And also no future? WTF Marta!!?? I can't handle my old myself!! 

(1st Composition)
My dream is make a travel around the the best places of the world.
The challenges I will meet are the money, If I don't have money I cant pay the hotels and the air planes flyes. Probably I have to go alone and I miss my friends and my family too, an other clallenge is the time because I want to go while I'm young and if I'm studying at the university, 1st I have to end the estudies.
The solutions are safe a lot of money working vey hard after end the studies and go with a friend to be more funny and don't miss a lot my other friends and my family.
It can be a nice experience in my life.

(Last composition)
School is finishing and soon we'll have our "graduation dinner + party" (FINALLY). We are all nervous because of selectivitat and having the grade to get into the college that we want but thre's one thing that have us super nervous, specially girls: What should I wear to graduation? I am planing to go to Barcelona and spend my wage there because I want to change my look. I want to cut the tips of my hair and have some balayage high lights.
I have alweis gone to the same hair dresser since I was 8 ( 10 years ago!!!) and I am not as happy as I could be because I think she's afraid of messing my hair but one of my favourite youtubers from Barcelona, Lizy P, has done a Video where shows where does she has her hair cut and all that stuff. The saloon is in Passeig de Gràcia and I have actually called because I need to book a date to go there and I wanted to go the same day of the graduation but unfurtunatelly we are going to do it the same day we finish Selectivitat so, I have to go before.
So I am going to do my best in everything these lasts 2 weeks and see what happens!! I can't bait to finish selectivitat and all that stuff!!!!!

Compare your 1st oral presentation with your last oral presentation. Any differences?
Well I can't find my 1st oral presentation but I remember that I was nervous as hell and I had a horrible accent. I think I spoke like a mexican speaking English so it was kinda funny!
Now I don't have pronunciation problems but obviously I have to improve my accent!!! I remember that My 1st oral presentation was all made with Google translator and I had to read a lot now I can do it on my own.

Mention content, structure & maturity arguments but linguistic arguments too: Fluency, comunication, pronunciation etc.
Okay Now I have more grammar to use if I need to, I have new connectors, words from other jargons... Now I can have a conversation with someone quietly and well I would like to reach an American accent because is cooler than the British one.

Nip & Tuck dialogue with Nadia

+Hmm... I think I want to have a boob job!
-Are you sure? There are a lot of risks.
+It's a very common OP. I don't think it's dangerous at all!
-Yes, but sometimes the silicon is too cheap and it can be broken... you know.
+Don't be a killjoy! It will make me feel more confident.
-Are you sure it's only this? I think this is not for you.
+Well... maybe I will have a nose job too.
-This is too much for you. You are beautiful as you are and there is nothing that make up can't fix.
+Well... I will think about it.
-In case you do it, just make sure the hospital is serious, will you?
+I already have an appointment.
-I hope you change your mind. You must accept who you are and live with it. Let's watch some make-up tutorials, shall we?
+Erm... I willl do it anyways.

What's your best written production?

This is my best written production. I really like it because I can talk about plenty of things about make up and all that stuff but I think that the best one I've ever done is one that I made for an exam where I talked about educationd an my complains about the current education sistem where I did no mistakes! 
But this one is good:
God oh's and Hell no's!!!
These lasts 6 months I have been buying a lot of cosmethics such as make up or mousturizers. Some of them have stunnied me and the other ones have horrorized me. That's why I am doing  God oh's and Hell no's!
I'm gonna start with the Hell no's because I want to leave the best products for the finish.
The first Hell no is the Garnier BB cream, I thought that it'd be nice because it is a good brand but not over-prized I opened it and the texture was ok, because it is a cream, not a foundation. Although I bought the medium color, it was too dark and when I wear it I look like an Oompa Loompa!!! The other problem is that it stings, Ifelt like my face was on fire, then I saw that I had a lot of pimples, definetely a Hell No. The next product that i hate is the Garnier Shampoo "Adiós daños".
Last summer I made some Californian highlights in my hair and it was kinda dry and burned so, I went to the grocery and I bougt this shampoo and its mask. I have to say that the 1st day it worket, wy hair was alive again! but the next day that I use it it was even more dry than before I use it. Another product that disappointed me a little was the Chanel foundation, the formula it's quite liquid and I need it more foundation than usual and it is quite expensive. The last Hell no is the Flomar primer, I have to say that Flomar is kinda low cost and if you are buying small things like eye shadows, lipsticks or highlighters for instance, it has a good quality-price relation, but if you are thinking about buying a foundation or a primer, save some more money and buy a good one ( I recommend the Mac primer) because ok you spreed it on your face and it feels soft but then when you want to put your foundation you have to be super fast because it dries up in a second on the other hand, it makes you feel like you have the face dirty and sticky, that's why I don't like it and I think that it doesn't fullfill it's function, make your make up last longer.
Let's talk about the God Oh's!!!! The first lucky product is the Estée Lauder foundation, the price is kinda high like the Chanel one but it is worth it. It feels like you are not wearing make up and it lasts a lot even if you are not wearing a primer, the other thing that I have to mention is that once you have spreed it on your face you can keep contourning your face with bronzer because it allows you to strew all kind of powders on your face because it is not sticky and as I said it is like a second skyn. talking about bronzers my favourite one is the mercadona bronzer, it bought it my Mom and I have to say that I was kinda opposed to use it because, you know it is cheap and I don't know... hahaha but it is nice because it is not an Oompa Loompa colour, so it is nice to contour. 
One of my favourite products for hair is the Oro Fluido oil, because it is made of argan oil and some other escential oils like Vainilla or Cinnanon oil, and it is S T U N N I N G  I only use this after shower and my curls look soft, wavy and perfect!
Last but not list my favourite product, the Velvet Rouge Coco by Chanel, it is amazing! It lasts a lot and it looks nice, by the moment I only have one (the nº 38) but I want to buy another one because I love red lipstick because I consider that it is a Must Have for every woman.
That's it I hope that it's been usefull for you.

But, Finally School is finishing I am so Happy!!!

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Formal letter

High Kensington street, 102
England, 17886
28th April, 2016
The President
Meet Factory
High Street 

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing you to express my concern regarding the conditions of the animals in the meat industries and the way that they are killed.
I have seen a documentary that shows how animals are treated, they don't have enough space to move as they want as well as the fact that they are stressed before they are killed and they are subdued to an anti-stress treatment and lots of drugs like diathepan. Everything is very sad and it has made people like me consider to become vegetarian.
In view of the great distress, I would like to ask for a cgange and kive some more freedom to the animals ans dapace to allow them to go to the fields, eat and mingle with the other animals.
I am looking forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully,

Marta S.R

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Book Review: The great Gatsby

I have been reading since I was in the hospital this summer and it is definitelly my favourite book ever. I have read it in English because my mmother bough it on the iPad in English by mistake because she only wanted to cheer me while I was there. She knew that I love the movie and that I love to read and I pent there one effing week without tv because it wasn't working.
So I started it and it is better than the movie. I have cryed with the book and not with the film because I think that if you read you get more into the story and you can imagine your own characters.
The story is about Jay Gatsby, a rich man who wants to recover the love of her life: Dasy.
Dasy is married with a rich man who always cheats on her. Daisy's cousin, Nick has moved next to Gatsby's house in the outskirts of New York (I don't know if it is the Hamptons or not but whatever).
So Nick and Jay become friends because Nick is helping Jay with Dasy. 
Nick plans a date between Jay and Dasy and they start everything.
I don't want to be spoiler but it has a sad ending. I am in love with Jay Gatsby.

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Fed up of everything.

Can I just breath?
There're only 2 weeks to finish Bat and everything is hectic! Everyday with exams, assigments, etc. when can we just breath? the 16th of May we have a holliday but on the 17th we have 3 exams!!!! I don't even know if everything is going to be allright I am very scared because I really want to leave high school, I need it. i think that the educations sistem is not working, we should do like in England. According to Kate, there you only do the optatives, 4 subjects and that's it. Here we have to do subjects that we'll never going to use.
Here we just memorize, we throw it up in the exam and then we forget it! What is this for? Is this usefull? I don't think so.
I really want to finish everything, that's it, because If I don't pass I will leave school.

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Should I..?

School is finishing and soon we'll have our "graduation dinner + party" (FINALLY). We are all nervous because of selectivitat and having the grade to get into the college that we want but thre's one thing that have us super nervous, specially girls: What should I wear to graduation? I am planing to go to Barcelona and spend my wage there because I want to change my look. I want to cut the tips of my hair and have some balayage high lights.
I have alweis gone to the same hair dresser since I was 8 ( 10 years ago!!!) and I am not as happy as I could be because I think she's afraid of messing my hair but one of my favourite youtubers from Barcelona, Lizy P, has done a Video where shows where does she has her hair cut and all that stuff. The saloon is in Passeig de Gràcia and I have actually called because I need to book a date to go there and I wanted to go the same day of the graduation but unfurtunatelly we are going to do it the same day we finish Selectivitat so, I have to go before.
So I am going to do my best in everything these lasts 2 weeks and see what happens!! I can't bait to finish selectivitat and all that stuff!!!!!

News: what do boys think about current trends?

What do men REALLY want to see women wear? Guys critique the latest spring trends and offer their very honest opinions on what is hot - and what most certainly is NOT.

  • FEMAIL highlights six of the biggest spring/summer trends to come down the runways
  • Meanwhile several of Daily Mail Online's male employees weigh in on what they really think about these looks - and what they would prefer to see
  • Most guys said no to trendy and complicated and yes to simple and bright.

Yes, guys can review about fashion issues. For them always simple is better. When I go shopping with bae he always choose some outfits for me and he actually nail them! Even when I am doing my make up he is always like: You don't need this or that bla bla bla. But what those goys from Daily Mail have done is awesome because sometimes we need the male opinion, jut to know what they like or not. Sometimes we want to look as fklawless as Beyoncé but maybe they are happy only with a bohoo dress and a pair of pumps and your free hair. In fact, my boyfriend says that his favourite outfit for mi is: free hair, a white simple lace croptop and a red cloth flower skirt with a pair of platform sandals (because he is tall as hell).
Sometimes we try to be sexy wearing a super little tied dress but my best friend says that we look sexier with a simple free back dress and a pair of heels.
I really like to know what guys think about fashion because like we girls do, they like to give their opinion about fashion.

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News: Vintage catering planes.

When plane food WAS first class: Vintage photos show passengers being served lobster, caviar and cream cakes during the golden age of flying.

Scandinavian Airlines release photos of fine dining during flights for 70th anniversary

  • The selection of vintage photographs were released by the Norway-based Scandinavian Airlines to mark its 70 years
  • They show guests in first class being served everything from lobsters to caviar. There's even meat being carved
  • As time went on, the plates of food became smaller, especially in economy class where prepared trays were served
I love those times: that fashion, that class and that food on planes!! Now plane's food is quite bad and if you want to eat well you have to go at 1st class what it is very confortable but also quite expensive  if you are traveling alone with a friend it is impossible. When I travel to Cuba we have a lot of transfers from one plane to another and in the longest one we go at first class because when we arrive to La Havana we have 4.30 hours of journey to Santa Clara and obviously we want to rest.
Even if you are at Bussiness class food is quite weird and then wen we go to the standard one is awful. 
I would really like to fly with that kind of planes of the 60's like in Panam (a tv serie) everything was so classy and glamurous even if you were in the economic class.

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New: Contouring Hacks!

Now there's RULER contouring! Beauty vlogger reveals she uses the stationery to create perfect symmetry on her face

  • Huda Kattan, 32, shared the unusual beauty technique on her Instagram
  • Dubai-based beauty guru claims her face is asymmetrical
  • She uses makeup to make herself appear symmetrical before 'big shoots' 
A makeup guru has revealed that her trick to creating the perfect cheekbones is a piece of office stationery.
Beauty vlogger Huda Kattan, who is based in Dubai, posted a video on her Instagram revealing that she uses a ruler to contour her face.
The technique, which uses blended tones to sharpen features and give the appearance of good bone structure, has long been advocated by the Kardashian clan.

Huda Kattan is a genious. She has invented a lot of ways to do contouring better and also funny. She has done it with adhevive tape, with a ruler, with a knife, etc.
Doing your own make up is not as easy as it looks, it takes practice and pacience (like everything, obviously) but it is funny, especially if you have some skills. One of my favourite things is Make Up, might look weird because I always look Make up free to school (baby face) but when I go somewhere or I work ( because I work every weekend) and I like to look good, or at least like a 18 year old girl, not like a baby. 
I think Huda is doing a great job because in her culture (muslim) it is difficult for a woman to succeed and now she has an empire of cosmethics, she's a powerfull bussiness woman and that's great! The world is changing and improving. 
I hope that more women like her achieve their place in its societies.
This is what I do everytime I do my contour, I hope you enjoy it:


News: How to pick a puppy.

Which breed of dog is right for your family? The ruff guide to picking a perfect puppy.

  • Kate Humble warns many people make an impulsive choice about dog 
  • 700,000 puppies of 200 breeds welcomed into British homes each year
  • Breeds vary wildly in cost of upkeep to amount of exercise they need 

Wow! This is very practic if you are looking for a dog and you have an avarage of money that you want to spend on the puppy or what the dog needs.
I think that the best obtion is to adopt puppies from the animal shelter because they need it more. Having an animal is a hugh responsability, you have to take him to walk, take him to the vet (which is actually pretty expensive) , shower it if it smells bad, feed it and also give him love and affection. I have a dog and it is the best thing you could ever have, he's always with me when I'm ill or when I am sad, he makes company whenever I am alone, he plays with me and he's super sweet.
It is sad to see he's Ill, my dog Nevat was hit by a car 7 years ago and he suffered by Pneumo-torax. It was the worst night ever because I didn't sleep due to I thought that I was loosing him. Luckily. he's ok. He's now 14 years old and he's blind and suffers from reuma and sometimes he has epilepsia attacks and it is very scary.
You have to know that a dog or a cat or whatever is not a toy is a living being and if you give him love, you will recieve it twice. Just make shure what you can offer to your pet and be concious that like you need care, it will take care too.

This is my dog, he thinks he's a person :') 

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News: How your make-up bag could wreck your health.


How your make-up bag could wreck your health: One in five women hoard cosmetics for years - risking urine infections and meningitis.

  • 25% women hoard mascara for a year - 9 months past its use-by-date
  • And 20% keep cleanser for 12 months - twice as long as recommended
  • Study: Old cosmetics harbour bacteria including life-threatening meningitis
  • Women admit carrying things like cat biscuits and KY jelly in make-up bags

Whoa! This is kinda creepy! I love make up but this is terryfying but I don't want to have meningitis. This is not actually a problem because I use a lot of make up and I have to buy almost everything every 6 months specially eye-liner and mascara but I am using the same pot of mascara since October and it works good as hell, that means that I should buy anotherone in case I don't want to get meningitis or something but it is quite expensive to throw it away now.
Everything has date of expiry but I didn't realise that make up to! The 1st time I heard it was in a Catalan TV program called Trencadís but I didn't pay any atenttion. Now that I've read this I will throw away half of my make-up bag!

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News: CHANEL stages fashion show in Cuba.

French fashion house Chanel has staged its show in the Cuban capital Havana - the first international fashion show since the 1959 communist revolution.
World celebrities gathered at a leafy promenade turned into a catwalk for the firm's Cruise collection, even though Chanel goods are not sold in Cuba.
Ordinary Cubans were held behind police lines around the event venue, and many voiced their frustration.
The show is the latest sign in Cuba's warming relations with the West.
Earlier this week, a US cruise ship docked in Havana after sailing from Florida - the first such crossing in more than 50 years.
Cuba and the US restored diplomatic relations last year.
Celebrities - including actor Vin Diesel and supermodel Gisele Bundchen - attended the show at the Prado promenade to see Chanel's leading designer Karl Lagerfeld displaying the new collection.
Lagerfeld said the line was inspired by Cuba's "cultural richness".
But Havana residents could only watch from behind the security cordon lines as VIP guests arrived at the show in specially rented antique American sedans.
"It's a shame they don't let us pass," aspiring local model Reinaldo Fonseca was quoted as saying by the Associated Press news agency.
Chanel goods would cost well beyond the average Cuban wage of $25 (£17) a month, the BBC's Will Grant says.


This  new by one handmade me happy because I am half Cuban but by the other the other one I feel kinda sad and angry because of the sistem and how the people is living there.
I am happy because thanks to these kind of events the tak of tourism will increase and hopefully one day things will get better: there's going to be more freedom for people whenever they want to travel and also more products to buy. Lately it has been a hugh amount of famous people like Paula Echevarria, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West or one of my favourite Bloggers Dulceida that have treveled to Cuba. But in my opinion, everybody should go not only for traveling and explore the amazing landskapes that the Island has, but they should go there and know the reality.
I am so luky to know how all works there, my Mom's best friend is economist and she works in an important enterprise from China there and she only earns 20$ every month.
In case you don't know it, Cuba has two currencies: Cuban Peso and CUC, which is actually like a Dollar. 24 pesos are 1 dollar. You must think: oh she earns a good ammount of money (500 pesos) because everything is cheaper there but she doesn't. Basic products are shared out with a notebook, you can buy rice, beens, cofee or tobacco with pesos but if you want to eat meet or buy some shampoo you have to buy it with CUC ans for them it is very expensive, they pay 24 pesos for a can of tomatoe sause, it is insane, for them is like paying 24 euros from 500 that they earn as long as they find what they want because sometime's you can't find it.
It is sad that with an event like Chanel's catwalk Cuban people cannot even enjoy it because they are guarded by the police, as if they were wild animals or something.
A couple of years before Cuban people couldn't not go into Hotels so you can imagine how oppressed they are.
One of my dreams is to go there with an influencer like Dulceida and show them how is living there and record it, show it to the World and call for a change.

Here's what you think about Cuba:

This is what Cuba really is: