diumenge, 1 de desembre de 2013


We did an oral presentation about weddings, so I hope you like it and sorry for my nerves.

A book review: Sorry If I call you love

It's a fun love story between two persons, a girl who is 17 years old and a man who is 37, They met when they collided with his car and her moto. They fell in love inmediately. It was difficult because his friends thought that he was still married with Helena but she left him three months ago. It's a nice love story because is different from the other ones, is not between two teenagers, and it's true love. I like it a lot, I read it last summer in two weeks and it was awesome. I think it's a good book to read if you are a teenager because is a federico Moccia's book and they are always nice.
I hope you enjoy it if you read it. :)


I'm going to talk about the most beautiful and problematic topic: love.
I think love is beautiful when you are in love wuth the right person, who loves you, but if you have a crush with someone who doesn't love you is hard... it happens very often and it's sad because you can't be with that person because he loves an other girl. Maybe you've been talking with him for a long time and you need him but I always say: If you fall in love with a boy, be his friend and if he doesn't love you, you've won a friend. Sometimes love (not always) is unfair and the people who doesn't want any serious retationship has a lot of people in love with them, even if they don't deserve it. And the people who deserves love doesn't finf they "mate". Everybody is going to love someone and we must enjoy because life is too short to suffer for love and this kind of things.


For me fashion is very important, since I was a child I used to dress well. My mum carry me shopping and let me choose what I wanted. She always says: you always must to look beautiful, because you don't know who are you going to meet today. It's true, I think fashion is a good way to make grow up your autoestime. I'm definetly a fashion victim, I love clothes, shoes, bags, make up... My favourite brands are Isabel Marant, Chanel, Ives Sant Lauren, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Esthella McCartney, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Laboutin... Well I don't have favourite brands because every brand is special in one way or another.
I'm always dreaming with a job which involves fashion and things like that because is what I like it... Is a hard and competitive world but I hope to make my dreams come true and have lunch with Karl Lagerfelf hahahaha.

My experience in Millenium:

On Saturday 19th of October, I went to milenium with my friend Esther and it was AWESOME. We went by bus and everybody was crazy because they were shouting a lot, drinking and insulting the driver too. But we finaly arrived. The disco was huge and amazing. I lost my friend once and then we met again. We danced and we laughed a lot. We went tomeet Mike "The situation" , he had to arrive at 2:30 am but he arrived at 3:30. We were in the queue for one hour and I had to take my hihg heels off. I lost Esther in the queue but I met a lot of other people there. Finally at 4:30 I took the photo with him and another boy and we went to dance until 5:15, then I had to leave. I want to go again because I liked a lot that place and I hope to return there soon.

If I could return to any age... which age would it be?

I would like to ve 5 years old again because everything was easier: we didn?t have any homework, or if we had it, we just do a¡one exercise or look after theclass mascot.
I miss those afternoons in Planeta Màgic jumping everywhere, burning calories in a funny way and sweating without caring about my hair. The playground was more fun, we could play with swings and slides.
I loved to wear coloful clothes like, dresses, t-shirts, pantys, and dress up with anything I could get.
i was the only child in my family, now I have two cousins, and before Christmas was more magical and special because everything was for me.