diumenge, 8 de març de 2015

Katy Perry's Super bowl performance.

Super bowl is the most important event of the year in the USA, is like the champions of Football. Every year an artist makes a performance, and this year was Katy Perry's turn. She was amazing, like always, she started to sing "Roar"  rised in a large tiger ( a robot tiger). But there was a sorprise Lenny Kravitz was there! I love him, they sang together. The stage was full of color and lights. It was such amazing. Last year Beyoncé was the superbowl artist and she was GORGEOUS because she danced so well (she's beyoncé) and she appeared with Destiny's Child, her old music band. Whatever, Katy's performance was so fun.
I couln't chooce betwin this two, so I let you the 2 perfonmances below,

dissabte, 7 de març de 2015

Living between two societies.

My mom and my dad have different nationalities, she's Cuban and he's Catalan. They are both nice but they are so different just because of their cultures. Catalan people are more serious and they are not always happy because of the money. But in Cuba they are happy anyway, if you go there, you always see people on the street smiling and laughing with the others and sharing everything they have, when they can. Sometimes here we are mean (NOT ALWAYS) and we don't share our things enough, we are more materialistic. My friends there are so different: one of them is a dancer, an other one is a doctor and another one (the only girl of the group) is a teenager mom. When you talk with each of them you can see that they are happy on their way. 
Sometimes we don't need much money to be happy and it is a nice experience to be able to compare two different cultures. I know I look like a material girl, but I'm not. I have seen the most pour part of the world  as the welthiest one. Judge me if you want but think that I'm able to live anywhere, anyway.
I'm looking forweard to going back to Cuba this August. 

I'm all about that bass.

How many times have you heard about if you are fat or skinny? God, people cannot stop talk about "the perfect weight". In my opinion the perfect weight is when you feel confident about your body. 
The world would be borring if everybody is like stick!!! Sometimes big people is more cheerful. We can't expect to be like Victoria's secret top models, EVERY woman is beautiful. 
Okay you can fall in love with someone who is so tall and skinny but maybe then this person is ugly in it's inside or dumb. You can't judge a book by it's cover. Big girls can give you love too. Now there are plenty of blogs from supersize fashionists bloggers that show you how to look fashionable depending of your body. You can have a lot of curves  or you are straight , whatever, they can show you fantastic things about fashion. 
This song is perfect because is telling us that no matter the weight, you are BEAUTIFUL! 

My perfect Gap year.

I've been talking to my mum about what a gap year is and she thinks that I must do it. I told her that I want to travel arround Europe with the Interrail, which is a train that goes by the whole continent. My plan is to go as a backpacker.
I need to do this, and now is the time, I'm young and this is an oportunity to learn how to travel, learn how to take care about myself, apreciate all that I have and enjoy with my friends. One of them is Lluis (who is more than a friend) another one is Ana and Vanessa.
The most important destinations are Paris, Ansterdam, Bucarest, Praga, Brusels and Milano, I hope to do it the summer before university. So I have to do my best to achiev it (I'm doing it and I'm proud about myself)!!!!!!!!!!

dimecres, 4 de març de 2015


Few weeks ago, we went to the Autonoma University in Barcelona with the high school and it was REALLY interesting. I went with Léna and Alexandra to the English meeting and Hotel direction. Those were my favourite ones. The 1st one we went to was English and it was great, but when we went to the 2nd one everything changed. Léna and I fell in love with that career because an old student came and explained us all that he had done with the career: He traveled to Ibiza to do pactice, then he took a sabbatical year in Melbourne, then he worked in New Orleans in a Four Seasons hotel and now he is the subdirector of a Huge Luxury hotel in Barcelona. That motivated me to study harder because it sounds like a fun career. 
It was also a nice day, we had a lot of fun and I hope to study there.

Book and film review. (2x1!!!)

This summer I read the 50 shades triology and i really like it! Ok, there's a lot of explicit content but the Story is beautiful.  I wanted to read the books before watch the film and I did it, so I called a friend of mine that had the triology and she lend them me. At the biggining I thought that Christian was an idiot but when you keep reading, the story haunts you. Grey mets Anastasia Steel, a normal girl, with normal issues and tries to flirt with her, but not in an usual way. Whatever, I read the three parts and WOW! I love them!!! I could read them again, my plan is to buy them in english and read the saga again. 
Once I read them, I wanted to watch the film, I was so excyted because if the books where awesome, the film would be as well! But... IT'S NOT!!!! They cut important parts from the books and facuses only at the explicit parts!! So in the cinema I was like: Hey!!! this is not like this, Why Ana is traveling on Bussines in the plane? Why Ana has new clothes when she wakes up after get drunk? Mmmm... it's not fair because now everybody think that everything is like the film and it's not!! Definitely I preffer the books. But I'll go to watch the 2nd part anyways, maybe could improve. 

Resultat d'imatges de fifty shades of grey

dimarts, 3 de març de 2015

News: Love on a tavel.

British backpacker who left 'love poster' for mystery man she spotted on New Zealand beach enjoys their first date... but will they get together again?

It seems love might be in the air for a Scottish backpacker who managed to woo a handsome man she saw on the beach by painting him a poster that went viral.Glasgow artist Sarah Milne was relaxing at the beach in Picton - north of Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island - when she spotted her mystery man 'shirtless, wearing black shorts with stars tattooed on his torso and running with a curly, bouncy and blonde dog'.She decided she had to see him again, and despite not knowing anything about him apart from how he looked, decided to create a poster which she hung next to the beach in the hope he would see it. And on Tuesday, she met the elusive gentleman, now revealed as William Chalmers, after her note went viral on social media. 

How cute is this!! It's like a Film, it seems unreal but it is not! He said that there's a lot of S*(ugar) in the world but there's also a lot of love. People wants to fall in love everywhere, love is in the air!!! She's so luky because people have been polite and did not touch the note, and they helped her as well.
We could write a book with this story, like John Sparks: girls sees a boy, she falls in love, but he's a stranger, she writes a letter and draws a picture of him, she chaises him, he notices, he goes for her and they fall in love!!! At least he wasn't an asshole and he went there she was... This is so sweet!!!!!

Love note: The handmade message Milne used to launch a public appeal to find a  man after a brief encounter on Friday

News: Planes horrible food

Pass the sick bad! From untouchable fish to "toxic" Salad.

Airline food does not have the best reputation.
From stodgy meals to unrecognisable dishes, it seems everyone has a horror story about being served up inedible food on flights. And some even go as far as taking a picture of their unappetising snack and uploading it to the website AirlineMeals.net to warn others about the questionable dishes.From 'toxic' salad to pasta that looks three days old and even 'untouchable' fish dishes, the hall of shame seems almost unending and will soon have you reaching for the sick bag.AirlineMeals was created over ten years ago, by Marco ‘t Hart and allows users to upload their food and rate it out of ten. There are now over 34,000 pictures on the site, covering 680 airlines from every corner of the globe.  Some of the uploads are singing the praises of the dishes and others shouting their displeasure. 't Hart said he created the site after his mother asked what plane food he had when he travelled between Amsterdam and Istanbul to see his girlfriend. 
He started the website with his photographs, and added some from other fliers, with their permission. Soon he had millions of views and thousands of uploaded meals.'We used the lowest ratings for a while... that used to be fun, but we now focus on the quality airlines offer. We need friends within the industry, not enemies,' he said. Despite this focus, AirlineMeals still shows the contributor's score out of ten and honest comments. 


This unfair, I alwais have to spend more than12 hours because I every year to visit my family in Cuba and I'm stuble on the plain! I can't eat because everything is disgausting, well not everything, I must say that once I ate a vegetables burrito on Air Canada and it was really good, but several times I have to espend the whole journey stuble because of that toxic food. 
Air companies have to realise that we are paying for a GOOD service of everything of course safety is the 1st, but please you don't hace to do a 5 michelin stars menu, I'm happy even with just a pot of Nutella or Ben and Jerry's ice cream! So you won't have to cook!!! Think about that.

Unappetising: This China Eastern selection failed to impress the customer who received it, although at least there was a variety of choices