divendres, 17 d’octubre de 2014

My experience at Miley's concert.

I think you might know Miley Cyrus, the girl that interpreted Hannah Montana. Well, the last 13th  of June I went to her concert, it was totally a show. We went Esther, Mireia, Angelina and I, and we had a lot of fun. We went to Barcelona on the afternoone and we made a lot of Snap Chats. We were so fancy, we put our outfits on and our red lipstick and we enjoy the whole afternoon. We could listen to her sound check, we saw one of her dancers, we met a friend of us and we sang Miley's songs all the time.
When we were insidte the Palau St. Jordi we were so nervous. the guest artis was a Supermarché dj that made us dance a lot until she was at the stage. She came out from a slide with she sape of a tong and she started to sing SMS song. When she sang adore you and whreaking ball, she made a kiss cam. 
later, she made an acustic little stage when she sang Bob Dylan, Cold play, Dolly Parton ( Joline) and Lana del Rey (summertime sadnes), that was the best moment, I couldn't stop sing summertime sadness, I was crazy. Last song was Party in the USA, where there were a lot of fireworks. It was spectacular. I will never forget that experience. 

Tropico: Lana del Rey

well, this is what I wait for during hours in Youtube. I spent almos a whole night awake since Lana del Rey put this video in youtube. There was a lot of rumors behind this short film that said that Lana would leave music world and tropico was her way to say good bye. But it wasn't true, fortunately this year the singer put her last album, ultraviolence, on sale this summer. Wich I waited for, for a lot of months.
Personally, I believe that she's a really good singer, in fact is my favourite singer. I know that she's a llitle bit weird and chaotic but she has a very strong personality. She's crazy, but she feels free. Her voice conveys you a lot of feelings: sadness, love and takes you to the 60's with just a song. her music comfortes me a lot when I feel sad  or stressed, I put her albums on my iPhone's music, I put my earphones and I reed while Im liying in the bed.
Well i don't know what else I can say, so here I leave you her Tropico flim and a song. I hope you like it.

divendres, 3 d’octubre de 2014

e-mail to my teacher

Hi Ana:
My name is Marta Salvatella Rodríguez and I live in Castelló d'Empuries. My hobbies are go shopping, scuba diving designe clothes.
I study English since I was 5 with a particular teacher called Kate and at school. I have the PET certificate and i'm preparing the 1st certificate with Kate. I travel very often to my mother's land, Cuba, so when we go to an international airport I normally speek english with the aiport's people. I hope to travel to Canada to learn english one summer before college.
I hope you have a nice afternoon.
Marta Salvatella Rodriguez.