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Oral presentation: Catwalks.

Here is my oral presentation about Catwalks. I hope you like it even though I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nervous.


My Mad Fat Diary

Oh my God, I am so sad! This summer I got hooked up with a serie that only has 3 seasons with eleven episodes and it's called My Mad Fat Diary.
It was awesome, it is about a girl called Rae Earl: She has been i  rehab because of her mental problems, she tried to comite suicide because she doesn't got self-stime and she practiced self-harm. Once she gets out from the rehab, she starts go meet with her old best briend and then she meets with her group of friends, they call theirself "The Gang". There she meets Finn, the love of her life and then a lot of things happen.
She tries to do a normal life like go to school, college and all that king of stuff but then her illness shows up again. 
It is a really interesting serie because it is quite realistic and it is based in 1996 wich is really cool because you can see how the fashion was then. I definetely recomend it to everybody because it is a really nice show and you can learn some English grammar although, the British accent was quite difficult for me to understand because I am used to the American one but then you star to get it.
I hope that someday the producers consider to do some more seasons. 

amor, rae earl, and black and white image

What a sad Monday!!!

Students find popular high school teacher hanged in classroom

Jillian Jacobson, a photography teacher at El Dorado High school, committed suicide in her classroom in Placentia, California, The Huffington Post reports. She was 31. When students tried to enter the classroom Monday morning, they found the door locked and asked another teacher to help them unlock it. They found Jacobson hanged inside and called the police immediately. When the paramedics arrived, Jacobson was pronounced dead at the scene. Police believe there was no foul play in her death. Jacobson had worked at El Dorado High School since 2008, and she was reportedly a wonderful influence on the students' lives. "She would ask everybody how their weekend was," student Lacie Urquhart said. "If you were down, she would try to help you. She was just a very kind, loving person."


This is so sad!! Sometimes people who looks like is happy is the saddest. Sometimes a depression is not visible, I mean, sometimes you can't tell that someone is drepressed because it's always lively and cheerful. It's a shaim to lost a good teacher or someone that supports you.
She was only 31! She was so young and everybody loved her, she really looked nice.  But as I said, sometimes people hide their feelings and have a war in their minds and that cause a depression. Life is beautiful, not always, almost always is hard, maybe personally, profersionally or if you are a teenager sometimes you feel like you cannot manage everything (exams actually), although it doesn't mean that you have to surrender. Do the best you can and carry on.

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The Reason Miss Canada Can't Participate In Miss World Will Upset You.

​The New York Times reports that Miss Canada, Anastasia Lin, has been denied a visa to China, which means she won't be able to participate in the 65th annual Miss World contest happening in Hainan, China. The denial apparently happened because the 25-year-old actress and pianist has advocated for human rights and religious freedom in China.
After waiting in vain for weeks, Ms. Lin packed up her Canadian-designed eveningwear on Wednesday and quietly boarded a Hong Kong-bound flight with the hope she might obtain an on-demand visa at the border and perhaps slip unnoticed into mainland China.

The Chinese authorities, tipped off to her arrival, barred her from flying onward to Hainan.

Speaking by telephone from Hong Kong on Thursday, Ms. Lin said she was angry and disappointed but not entirely surprised. "I have every right to be at that event," she said. "It's kind of sad. I mean, I'm just an acting student and a beauty queen. What could they possibly be so afraid of?"

The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa issued a statement on Thursday saying: "China welcomes all lawful activities organized in China by international organizations or agencies, including the Miss World pageant. But China does not allow any persona non grata to come to China."

Lin seems undeterred, though.

When Chinese government security agents visited her father (who lives in China) shortly after her Miss Canada win to complain about her human rights work, he became scared to speak to her. But instead of backing down and staying silent, Lin wrote an wrote an op-ed article in The Washington Post​ about it.

​"If I don't speak out for what's right, it will send out a terrible message to those who experience China's fear and intimidation and don't have the ability to fight back," she said.


This is so unfair. She just wanted to  stand up for some human rights. But she she has nothing to do, I mean she's not a strong celebrity or a powerful . She just said the truth about what was going on with her dad in China. She just wanted to say that her dad's job is precarious and she just tryed to transfer that missage.
It is so sad that people can't talk about some kind of stuff in the era we are living. We should be allowed to say what we want to say. It is not necessary to take this extremes mesures, she's harmless, what she can do with it? She's not Obama or another important personality, she's just an art student.
It also doen't makes sense because now she will not can to visit fer dad in China because of that. I just can say that it is so sad because it happens in my Mom's country (Cuba) as well. Sometimes you can't return because of your political ideology.

A woman buys whole toy store, donates contents to homeless children.

NY1 News reports on the ~heartwarming~ story of New York City philanthropist Carol Suchman, who recently purchased an entire toy store's worth of toys as holiday gifts for homeless children in the city. Suchman donates toys regularly, but this year on a much grander scale after noticing a shuttered toy store advertised as for rent in her neighborhood— a toy store still full of toys. She told NY1 she contacted the owner and "negotiated" a deal to buy all the contents in bulk (adding that the owner was "thrilled" with her offer) which she then passed along to NYC's Department of Homeless Services.
A DHS spokesperson said that they frequently benefit from "generous sponsors" and "toy drives" regularly, but "this is the first time anybody ever bought out an entire store and donated to the children of shelters." While telling TODAY.com that she's thrilled by the positive response to her generosity — the waitress in her local coffee shop gave her a kiss, even — Suchman added simply that "everyone can use a gift around the holidays." 
So hey, stop and think for a second as you go treat yourself come Black Friday and its messy doorbuster sales (if not this holiday season in general) and maybe find a way to treat someone else also. You deserve it, sure, but so do many other folks too.


This is so sweet. Thanks to that woman, a lot of poor children will smile for once. They have a tough life and their parents can't afford to buy them toys.  I personally believe that every parent should teach their children that there's a lot of poor kid that they are not as lucky as they are and they hace to share more. 
I remember that when I was a child my Mom and I collected some toys that I wasn't using to give them away to an ONG just before christmass. She always told me that Santa Claus would be better if I was a good girls and give that toys to them. It was such a funny day because my Mom made it to look easy and funnier. Sometimes I was too generous because I wanted to give them everything I had and I always felt happy to do that. I was always asking my Mom when are we supposed to do the toys collect, I was excyted.
It is a way to make homeless children happier because sometimes you cannot afford to buy them new toys but you can contribute give them all the toys that you don't use. When I grow up and have children I'll do the same with my kids and show them that sometimes things are not as easy as they seem.
christmas, light, and tree image

The power of make up.

Sometimes you have a special event and you want to look stunning and gorgeous: you have the perfect outfit, with the perfect bag and the perfect heels but unfurtunately, your face is an effing mess!
Hopefully today we have a magical solution to know how to fix your face and do your make up: You Tube tutorials. I am obessed with them. I have learnt a lot about contourning, baking, plumping lips, and all that technics that celebrities use.
I follow a lot of youtubers like Lizy P, Zoella, Huda beauty, ratolina, easy neon and specially Nikkietutorials. She has done a very interesting video to show up the power that make up has. However, this video became viral in just a week and made increased her number of subscribers. It is such a nice video because you can see how she looks with and without make up. 
She only does the half of her face and the other one is make up free. I think that this is nice because she shows that nobody is perfect, not even youtubers and shows us how make up change our face as well.
I'll let you some vides below and some pics to show you how my make up skills have improved. I hope you like it!

Nikkie's Video

My make up

My plans next year.

This year is the last year of high school, finally!!!
My plan is to move on to Barcelona because I want to study there ans actually I have a tiny flat. I think I am going to study English or hotel direction, but what I like the most is English, but time will tell.
What I would like to do next year is to do a fashion blog and a youtube chanel about make up, beauty tricks, hair care and all that kind of stuff.
I'm so excited by the fact that I am gping to be independent and selfsuficient, I'm going to meet new people and I amb going to be my boyfriend as well.
I have some friends there and I know that I'm not going to be alone, but I want to find new friends. I am going to be in the city and there are a lot of things to do. I am lucky to have a flat because it is really expensive to live in Barcelona and it is also on the beach front!
Hmm... maybe I won't come back to home for the summer...!

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Coffee brand "Change Please" will help one homeless people get back into work.

A new coffee brand, styled on the The Big Issue magazine, is set to help once homeless people get started on a new career.
Change Please coffee will employ baristas getting back on their feet after being homeless. They will be paid London living wage, allowing them to develop the skills and experience needed to enter the mainstream workforce after six months. To begin with, about six staff will be brewing up and serving the £2.50 cups of coffee. This should rise to about 12 staff during the month, the Press Association reports.

Change Please will help formerly homeless people get back into the mainstream workforceThe coffee is now being sold from eight coffee carts dotted around several London hotspots, such as Covent Garden and Borough, before being rolled out across the capital over the coming month.
At the end of the six months, Change Please will be working with firms from the food and beverage, legal and banking sectors to try to find permanent work for the baristas.
It hopes the coffee carts will become as familiar a street feature as The Big Issue sellers.
The former City trader said: "We promise one of the best cups of coffee you'll find, but even better, we guarantee that this program will make a significant contribution to helping alleviate the homeless problem across the country – if we can get a small proportion of coffee drinkers to simply change where they buy their coffee, we really could change the world.”
Peter Bird, of The Big Issue, said that the scheme would help to fill a gap for people working their way out of homelessness.
He said: "Selling the Big Issue works well to provide people currently living on the streets with a way to help themselves work towards a better life, but there is a gap between that segment of homelessness and securing a regular job that needed a solution.
“Change Please provides that and will hopefully be the hand up that people need to work their way back in to society."

It is such a great initiative to contribute to help homeless people to get a job. I think that homeless are a current problem in our countries which are totally capitalist and some people aren't allow to have a house or study and sometimes is hard for them to pay studies or they have complications to find a job because of their lack of studies.
This project is nice. It allows disadvantaged people to work at their coffee shops and teach them the job and go further on their category. 
We could say that this kind of situations where people are poor is like a social charge. We all blame ourselves because we cannot do anything about that but give them some coins or buy them a hot sandwitch with a cup of tea. Personaly I do feel bad about that because I know that it's hard to live like that, I have traveled and thankfully I have seen diferent ways of life.

cosmetics for women and men. Where is the limit?

Wer are living in the visual time and images are the ones who talk about everything. We are surrounded by advertisments, videoclips, photos on instagram, twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc.
If we pay attention to tv ads, we can see that most of them are about cosmetics, which are showed up with young and skinny people. They show us how fantastic the product is, that the effects are incredible but, have you ever thought that they are just models? They are just payed to be in the advertisments, not to try the benefits of the cosmetic or the damages in some cases.
Sometimes watching that commercials you feel like: "Oh this must be nice!" "This is going to be incredible for my skyn or my body!" "this is going to be the perfect fundation to complet my make up" or maybe "If Kendall Jenner uses that, it will work with me!". 
I think we are completly wrong. We are so obsessed to look like the celebrities or models that we forget about ourselfs. Personally I believe that you have to look for the cosmetics that are good for you, not for anyone else. 
I'm sick and tired about looking for the perfect fundation because sometimes they dont allow my skyn to breath or something I am not a body milk or a face moinsture person, I bare wear products on skyn. I just wear deodorant which is the same as always sice I was a child and my Valentina perfume. Now that I am young I like to enjoy the skyn that I have untill wreankles show up and say: Hello baby, we are here and we won't stop growing up!

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Is Humor necessary?

Humor has been around us for as long as it has been humanity HAS been humanity, even monkeys laugh! In my opinion, laughter is a primary instinct, if something is funny, we laugh, isn’t it basic?We all know humorless people, we all know people who are always smiling and laughing, but I am sure that if you are alone in a crowded place, you will chose the 2nd: a good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.There are a lot of scientific research projects prove that laughter is necessary for our body for instance, it boosts our immune system but for me laughter is the best medicine.It increases my mood when I am ill. This summer I spent one week in the hospital and the best medicine were my family, friends and boyfriend’s company. They were always trying to make me laugh and I felt better when I laughed...  I wouldn’t have stayed strong without laughter.

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Why we laugh?

Did you know that you're 30 times more likely to laugh if you're with somebody else than if you're alone? Cognitive neuroscientist Sophie Scott shares this and other surprising facts about laughter in this fast-paced, action-packed and, yes, hilarious dash through the science of cracking up.By Sophie Scott.Whether it's the giggling of a child or the enthusiastic hollers of a talk show's studio audience, we hear laughter every day. Nothing could be more common. But just because it's common doesn't make laughter any less strange. For instance, the next time you're at the movies enjoying some comedy, listen hard to the laughter around you.  Once you start looking at laughter as behavior, it can lead to some odd questions. Why do we do it? Do animals laugh? And why do we expect that any decent James Bond villain will cackle diabolically when revealing his plan for world domination? What's so funny? "Most laughter is not in response to jokes or humor," says Robert R. Provine, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Provine should know. He has conducted a number of studies of laughter and authored the book Laughter: a Scientific Investigation. One of his central arguments is that humor and laughter are not inseparable.In my case, I tend to laugh when I feel overwarmed by a situtation, when somebody looks at me deeply or when somebody falls (this is so awkward because I laught instead of help that person and they get angry) or even when I fall. I don't usually laugh with jokes or with comedy films, but when someone falls or uses a wity sense of humor I can crack up for hours. I remember one day when I met my boyfriend's mom, I was scared because I amb an extremely shy person and I don't like to meet new people, so going straight: we were having dinner and she looked so serious and I was red AF. So she was talking with my boyfriend and I was like... "ok, I don't like the dinner and they are ignoring me, what can I do?" I started to watch the tv and  it was APM, a catalan humor tv show and it showed a boy that was dancing (they were still talking without me!!!!) and that boy felt.What happened? Of course I started to crack up ALONE and when I laugh so hard, I do a pig noise and I snore. They where looking at me like WTF is wrong with you? And the more I got ashaim, themore I laught and I felt warm. I couln't stop. My boyfriend's mom started to laugh as well and she cracked up as well, since thet moment we got closer and then we started to talk.At the end it wasn't so bad to meet her.
This is my prove that laughter enhances relationships, you can hate or like a person with just a laughter attack. 
The reason why I laught? Mmm... I don't know but maybe it's because when I was a child and I fell, my mom smiled to me and do silly faces to feel better.

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Ok, this joke is horrible, but at list I tryed. I am not a person who tells jokes, I do them. I do jokes to my friends, my boyfirens, my parents... bot I can't tell jokes! I'am not funny for that. I told this joke because I had to but I am horrible telling them...Don't laugh at me because I amb too boring talking in public. I'll let you the joke bellow, don't be mean.

Graduation: Now what?

Hello! This is my 1st post in 2nd of bachillerat, which is a decisive year for our future. This year I am going to graduate from the high school and start to build my future. As you might know, the next step is to go to the university and do a carreer and that's terrifying for me! I mean, how I am going to know if what I am studying is right for me or not? Will I be good enough? Or will I have a job associated with what I've studied? Well, I hope that! I hope to achieve my goals and be strong enough to get my dream job and pass the job interviews.
Everybody tells me that I am too shy and that I have to be more shameless because in college or in a job I will have to do a lot of oral presentations, comunicate with other people and do this kind of things. One thing in particular that I have to improve is my body lenguage. Last Thursday I did an oral oresentation, I had a nice prezi, all memorized, everything was under control, well, almost everything: I was TERRIFYED! The teacher told me that everything was fine but I have to loose my unconfidence and my shyness, and that's why I have chosen this post from Ted.com. She's sor inspiring, she had a problem with her confidence when she was at college, and now she's a nice psicologist.
I let you the video bellow:

Your body lenguage shapes who you are. 

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.

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Final reflection

1.Can you see an improvement in their standard of English in the last two years? When, for example? 
     Yes, I think my pronuntiation is better than I was in the ESSO or batchillerat.
2. Which activity shows better their English? 
      I think the best way to show your level of English are oral presentations and speaking.
3.Which activities were very useful for emprovement? Why? 
    The best activities are oral presentations because it really showed how our  accent and  pronuntation is.
4. Which activities have not been helpful eanglish learn? Why not? 
    I have nothing to say about this, I think that everything is useful someway.
5. Which activities would you like to do again next year to keep on improving their English?
    Oral and blogger I think they are a way expresse yourself how you want and we could whatch a serie to       improve our listening

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Derek is dead!!!!

I've been a Grey's anatomy fan since the very begining. I like its stories. It talks about Meredith Grey's life, who is a doctor, then she gets married with another doctor, Derek Shepper. They have 2 daughters and everything is perfect for them, not all the time like alway, but almost all the time because thy really love each other. This last season has been very hectic it happened a lot of things, Chistina Yang, Meredith's best friend left, Derek moved to Washinton for a time and now Meredith has a new sister, Wever's and Elise Grey's daughter (they were lovers). But Shonda Rhimes decided to change everything at the end of the season. Derek came back to Siattle with Meredith and he wanted to have another baby but he had to do another trip to Washinton to talk with the president, but he had an accident and suffered a brain death. It has been the sadest episode EVER!!! I never nver never cry with anything but I spended the last 3 episodes crying!!! Then you discover that meredith got pregnant before Derek's death. I hate Shonda so much! They were the perfect couple, they have children, c'mon, it's not fair!
In conclusion: I will always remember Derek.

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Pretty little liars is coming!!!!

God I'm so happy because today I'll watch the 1st episode of the 6th season of PLL. I'm so excityet¡d to know who's A and why is he or she doing all this things to Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna, Mona and Allyson. This girls have been suffering a lot of things (it's a serie I know) but now, Allyson is alive!!! There are happening a lot of things in this serie and too fast. I'm sad because I know that this is almost the end and its my favourite serie!!!!
It looks like I amb whatching the Tv all the time but it's not true because I don't have all this time but when I can I like to whatch ths series with my Mom because she has a very stressfull job and it's our time to relax and have a rest before go to sleep. I'm so excited for tonight because I have been waiting for so long to keep whatching PLL. I hope you can enjoy your night!! :)

News: Guilty of being ginger

Ginger schoolboy, 14, who dyed his hair brown 'in a bid to stop being bullied' is found hanged in his bedroom by his father
  • Simon Walters was discovered dead by father Nigel, 42, in the early hours
  • Father would usually text him during a shift but didn't have time that night
  • Simon was a pupil at Heath Park School in Wolverhampton, West Midlands
  • Headteacher admits school community is still in shock one year after death
A 14-year-old boy who dyed his hair brown in an effort to stop bullies attacking him for being ginger was found hanged by his father, an inquest has heard.
Simon Walters - who was a pupil at Heath Park School in Wolverhampton, West Midlands - was discovered dead in his bedroom by his 42-year-old father Nigel, with whom he lived alone.
Mr Walters last saw his son alive before leaving for work at 8pm, and said he would always text him during a shift to say he loved him - but on that night he was too busy and never sent the message.
Speaking at the hearing at Smethwick Council House yesterday, Mr Walters described the moment he found his son dead after returning home from a night shift at 4.15am on a day in October last year.
Mr Walters said: ‘Simon’s music was blaring and his lights were still on so I went upstairs to tell him to go to bed. He was hanging. I just ran downstairs screaming - I could not believe it. I was in shock.’

Simon Walters who committed suicide in October last yearSimon Walters was discovered dead in his bedroom

I think that this is a horrible news, bulling should be made illegal to get rid of it. There are a lot of teenagers who have been bullied and then they commit suicide. Now because of  the social networks, people judge  people easily and they have more reasons for bullying someone. A lot of adolescents make a second account on Instagram or in We Heart It showing sad images of themselves doing self harm, pictures with hanged people, anorexic girls, etc. I think the society has the fault because they criticize everything we do or not. There's a case (Amanda Todd) that a girl made a video before commiting suicide, explaining the reasons why she did it. A lot of people do these things to call the attention but other people do it to express themselves and explain their story to the world. It's sad but it's true and this happens more than we think that it happens, include your closers friends. More than  25 per cent of Spanish students have been bullied and also adults in work. It's such a shame  because  that we are meant to be a clever generation but we are increasingly more dumb.

News: poor girl! :(

Two little girls pretend to be lost in a busy shopping centre. So how many people stop to help? One. How many ignore their plight... 616!

One little girl was clutching her favourite toy while her younger sister was sucking her thumb – and both looked utterly lost and forlorn. 
The girls stood for an hour on a Saturday morning in a busy shopping arcade looking for 'help', as part of a social experiment for television.
Hidden cameras recorded Uma, seven, and Maya, five, who took it in turns to look lost.
Astonishingly, over the whole hour only one person, a grandmother, took a moment to find out if there was a problem. All of the 616 other passers-by completely ignored the girls.
Heartbreakingly for the mother of the sisters – who was watching from a hiding place nearby – passing couples even split apart to walk around either side of the 'lost' girls and people wheeling suitcases took evasive action to avoid Maya and Uma, not thinking to check if they needed help.
Yesterday the NSPCC said the results of the experiment were shocking and called on members of the public to step in if they saw a youngster looking lost.
Maya and Uma agreed to help and were brought along by their mother Reshma Rumsey, who watched from behind a nearby pillar with a presenter. Uma went first, standing alone in the middle of the concourse, holding her pink  doll and putting on a good act of being scared and vulnerable.

News: a beautiful mermaid

A fairytale come true: Paralyzed teen bound to a wheelchair fulfills her modeling dream in magical mermaid photo shoot.A teen who had to put her modeling aspirations on hold after an accident left her paralyzed from the chest down has finally been able to fulfill her dream.Mackenzie Clare, a 19-year-old redhead from Leesburg, Virginia, was on a date with her boyfriend when photographer Kerri Lane spotted her across the room and thought she'd be perfect for a mermaid photo shoot she was working on.Only when she went to approach her did Mrs Lane notice that Mackenzie was in a wheelchair, and she instantly realized that photographing her would make for an especially powerful project.

Inspirational: Mackenzie Clare, 19, didn't think she could ever be a model because she is paralyzed from the chest down. But her dream was finally fulfilled when a photographer shot her as a mermaidFloat like an angel: Mackenzie was on a date with her boyfriend when photographer Kerri Lane spotted her across the room and thought she'd be perfect for a mermaid photo shoot she was working onMrs Lane's son Shawn spent hours designing Mackenzie's mermaid tail, which had floating boards inside to help hold her up, and she enlisted a friend to act out her Prince Charming on the shoot.Not only did the teen get to emulate Ariel from the Little Mermaid, but she also posed with a red rose like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, as well as channelling Sleeping Beauty in another shot.Team effort: Mrs Lane's son Shawn designed Mackenzie's mermaid tail, which had floating boards inside to help hold her up
Tragic accident: The redhead was just ten when a reckless driver slammed into her family's car, resulting in a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the chest downPicture perfect: Mrs Lane knew Mackenzie would make a good Ariel because of her fiery red hairFor Mackenzie, being asked to be in the shoot was an emotional moment, especially since she'd always dreamed of being a model but didn't think it was possible because she was wheelchair-bound.'Modelling seemed like a high dream or a big dream that wouldn't really happen''It was exciting because she wasn't asking me what was wrong or nosy or anything like that,' said the teen. 'It was for a photo shoot and it made me feel really special.'Usually when people approach Mackenzie, it's to ask why she has to use a wheelchair at such a young age.

Inspirational: Mackenzie Clare, 19, didn't think she could ever be a model because she is paralyzed from the chest down. But her dream was finally fulfilled when a photographer shot her as a mermaid Knight in shining armor: Sean also helped get Mackenzie around the shoot by carrying her in his arms
Tragic accident: The redhead was just ten when a reckless driver slammed into her family's car, resulting in a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the chest down

Keeping up with the kardashians!

Last month I started to get hooked on the Kardashians tv show. It can seem stupid but I learn a lot of words that in high school I can't learn.
It's a quite funny tv show, you can see is the Jenner-Kardashian living. I watch it through internet because is more confortable, I can whatch it whenever I have time enough to do it (normally at friday night) and its interesting. They are a difunctional family because they are crazy but they love each other. Now a days, Bruce Jenner, the familly father is a Woman!!! It's quite confuesed because you can see him happily married with Kriss but now they are divorced and he is a woman, Catelin!!
Well I hope you can watch it someday and enjoy it and laugh like I do!

My dear summer!

Yeeees! We've done the exams finally! Now it's time to think about what we wanna do and enjoy the lasts days of class (Well I think enjoy is not the right word...). Let's think about all those things that we want to do and think how happy we are gonna be in summer. I'm leaving to Cuba on the 31th of July, It's gonna be fine but I'll miss some people like my friends (of course) but after a long and hard year of exams and sadness we deserve to enjoy and be happy, and that's why I put this song here:

dimecres, 27 de maig de 2015

My experience at the W Hotel in Barcelona!!!

On the 15th of March, this year, my boyfriend Lluis and I had our 1st anniversary as a couple.
I was so excited! But the week before he told me that he couldn't come and celebrate it because it was his granny's birthday or something like that so I got very upset because our plans were cancelled. We supposed to go to "La Tagliatella's" restaurant and have dinner there. But what could I do?
On Friday afternoon someone knock the door, I went to open it and it was Lluis with a huge bouquet of flowers and laughing. My Parents knew it, I was mad because I had a terrible week because of his fault!
He told me that I had to pack some clothes becasue tomorrow morning we will go somewhere amazing. I couldn't believe it.
By the way, I could see that we were going to barcelona, so I asked that if we were going to his house, but he didn't tell me nothing and that confused me. When we arrived to barcelona he passed in fornt of his house but he kept driving. He parked in a parking next to the W Hotel and he took me to the square next to that hotel were we always spend most of our time. I asked him again that where we were going because we couldn't stay on that square longer, it was about to rain. 
He had a paper inside his shirt and I didn't know what was that so he told me to go to the desigual Store which is in front of the W. but he took me in his arms and carried me to the Hotel door. I was too confused to talk, I was inside the hotel! I didn't know what was happening, I thought that maybe we were going to have lunch there but he went to the receptionist, a very kind boy, that he had a "Mega Room" reserved. The receptionist told us to wait because the room wasn't ready yet. 
We went to the bar and had a glass of white wine and had a snack, and he explained me that It was his anniversary present because on the 1st date, he carried me to the square next to it and we anjoyed the views together. I was almos crying because my present was a Photo album with all the photos that we made by that year and our funny quotes, what could I do then?
A boy came to carry our suitcases to the room and give us the card to get into the room, so half an hour later we went there. The suite was on the 23th floor, and when he opened the door I was sorprised, the room was beautiful: we had the bes views I had never seen, barcelona and the sea, a huge shower that seemed another room, it was like a rain shower, a huge bathtub, a huge and soft bed, It was amazing. We had champain and strawberries with chocolate, so we opened the bottle and we ate the strawberries and I gave him my present which it was cobered by several news paper layers and the present paper. When at least he opened it, he started to watch it and started to cry. He told me that it was the perfect present and that he is the happiest boy because of me, I satarted to cry because that made me so happy. 
We wanted to go for a walk but it was a huge storm, so we spend the whole afternoon in the suite lauging and having a great time, watching the magnificent storm sitted on the windows because they had a space to sitt there. 
At  night we were sturbing, so I put my new dress on and we went to have dinner on the waves restaurant, the Hotel restaurant, so we had a tasting menue and it was delicious, but for me the dessert was the best, it was like a coconut tiramisú. When we finished, we went to have a walk with his car because it was cold and he carried me to watch the best places of Barcelona at night, like he Agbar tower, La Sagrada Familia, Pg. de Gràcia, and another places. Everything was perfect. It was 12 am, our anniversary! We got back to the hotel and we went to The Eclipse night clup but it was too borring, so we went to the bar, which its amazing and very chilling and had drink and we asked to carry us a tarrine of Ben and Jerry's ice cream to watch a fim on the suite. We went to sleep late but we enjoyed a lot that week end but unfurtunately we had to leave at 3 pm. 
When we left we went to out favourite restaurant, La Comptal, and had lunch there, then I left by AVE to Figueres. 

DEFINITELY it was the best week end of my life, I spend it with who I wanted and were we wanted. I advice you to go t that Hotel once in your life. We are thinking about go again the next year.

diumenge, 8 de març de 2015

Katy Perry's Super bowl performance.

Super bowl is the most important event of the year in the USA, is like the champions of Football. Every year an artist makes a performance, and this year was Katy Perry's turn. She was amazing, like always, she started to sing "Roar"  rised in a large tiger ( a robot tiger). But there was a sorprise Lenny Kravitz was there! I love him, they sang together. The stage was full of color and lights. It was such amazing. Last year Beyoncé was the superbowl artist and she was GORGEOUS because she danced so well (she's beyoncé) and she appeared with Destiny's Child, her old music band. Whatever, Katy's performance was so fun.
I couln't chooce betwin this two, so I let you the 2 perfonmances below,

dissabte, 7 de març de 2015

Living between two societies.

My mom and my dad have different nationalities, she's Cuban and he's Catalan. They are both nice but they are so different just because of their cultures. Catalan people are more serious and they are not always happy because of the money. But in Cuba they are happy anyway, if you go there, you always see people on the street smiling and laughing with the others and sharing everything they have, when they can. Sometimes here we are mean (NOT ALWAYS) and we don't share our things enough, we are more materialistic. My friends there are so different: one of them is a dancer, an other one is a doctor and another one (the only girl of the group) is a teenager mom. When you talk with each of them you can see that they are happy on their way. 
Sometimes we don't need much money to be happy and it is a nice experience to be able to compare two different cultures. I know I look like a material girl, but I'm not. I have seen the most pour part of the world  as the welthiest one. Judge me if you want but think that I'm able to live anywhere, anyway.
I'm looking forweard to going back to Cuba this August. 

I'm all about that bass.

How many times have you heard about if you are fat or skinny? God, people cannot stop talk about "the perfect weight". In my opinion the perfect weight is when you feel confident about your body. 
The world would be borring if everybody is like stick!!! Sometimes big people is more cheerful. We can't expect to be like Victoria's secret top models, EVERY woman is beautiful. 
Okay you can fall in love with someone who is so tall and skinny but maybe then this person is ugly in it's inside or dumb. You can't judge a book by it's cover. Big girls can give you love too. Now there are plenty of blogs from supersize fashionists bloggers that show you how to look fashionable depending of your body. You can have a lot of curves  or you are straight , whatever, they can show you fantastic things about fashion. 
This song is perfect because is telling us that no matter the weight, you are BEAUTIFUL! 

My perfect Gap year.

I've been talking to my mum about what a gap year is and she thinks that I must do it. I told her that I want to travel arround Europe with the Interrail, which is a train that goes by the whole continent. My plan is to go as a backpacker.
I need to do this, and now is the time, I'm young and this is an oportunity to learn how to travel, learn how to take care about myself, apreciate all that I have and enjoy with my friends. One of them is Lluis (who is more than a friend) another one is Ana and Vanessa.
The most important destinations are Paris, Ansterdam, Bucarest, Praga, Brusels and Milano, I hope to do it the summer before university. So I have to do my best to achiev it (I'm doing it and I'm proud about myself)!!!!!!!!!!

dimecres, 4 de març de 2015


Few weeks ago, we went to the Autonoma University in Barcelona with the high school and it was REALLY interesting. I went with Léna and Alexandra to the English meeting and Hotel direction. Those were my favourite ones. The 1st one we went to was English and it was great, but when we went to the 2nd one everything changed. Léna and I fell in love with that career because an old student came and explained us all that he had done with the career: He traveled to Ibiza to do pactice, then he took a sabbatical year in Melbourne, then he worked in New Orleans in a Four Seasons hotel and now he is the subdirector of a Huge Luxury hotel in Barcelona. That motivated me to study harder because it sounds like a fun career. 
It was also a nice day, we had a lot of fun and I hope to study there.

Book and film review. (2x1!!!)

This summer I read the 50 shades triology and i really like it! Ok, there's a lot of explicit content but the Story is beautiful.  I wanted to read the books before watch the film and I did it, so I called a friend of mine that had the triology and she lend them me. At the biggining I thought that Christian was an idiot but when you keep reading, the story haunts you. Grey mets Anastasia Steel, a normal girl, with normal issues and tries to flirt with her, but not in an usual way. Whatever, I read the three parts and WOW! I love them!!! I could read them again, my plan is to buy them in english and read the saga again. 
Once I read them, I wanted to watch the film, I was so excyted because if the books where awesome, the film would be as well! But... IT'S NOT!!!! They cut important parts from the books and facuses only at the explicit parts!! So in the cinema I was like: Hey!!! this is not like this, Why Ana is traveling on Bussines in the plane? Why Ana has new clothes when she wakes up after get drunk? Mmmm... it's not fair because now everybody think that everything is like the film and it's not!! Definitely I preffer the books. But I'll go to watch the 2nd part anyways, maybe could improve. 

Resultat d'imatges de fifty shades of grey

dimarts, 3 de març de 2015

News: Love on a tavel.

British backpacker who left 'love poster' for mystery man she spotted on New Zealand beach enjoys their first date... but will they get together again?

It seems love might be in the air for a Scottish backpacker who managed to woo a handsome man she saw on the beach by painting him a poster that went viral.Glasgow artist Sarah Milne was relaxing at the beach in Picton - north of Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island - when she spotted her mystery man 'shirtless, wearing black shorts with stars tattooed on his torso and running with a curly, bouncy and blonde dog'.She decided she had to see him again, and despite not knowing anything about him apart from how he looked, decided to create a poster which she hung next to the beach in the hope he would see it. And on Tuesday, she met the elusive gentleman, now revealed as William Chalmers, after her note went viral on social media. 

How cute is this!! It's like a Film, it seems unreal but it is not! He said that there's a lot of S*(ugar) in the world but there's also a lot of love. People wants to fall in love everywhere, love is in the air!!! She's so luky because people have been polite and did not touch the note, and they helped her as well.
We could write a book with this story, like John Sparks: girls sees a boy, she falls in love, but he's a stranger, she writes a letter and draws a picture of him, she chaises him, he notices, he goes for her and they fall in love!!! At least he wasn't an asshole and he went there she was... This is so sweet!!!!!

Love note: The handmade message Milne used to launch a public appeal to find a  man after a brief encounter on Friday

News: Planes horrible food

Pass the sick bad! From untouchable fish to "toxic" Salad.

Airline food does not have the best reputation.
From stodgy meals to unrecognisable dishes, it seems everyone has a horror story about being served up inedible food on flights. And some even go as far as taking a picture of their unappetising snack and uploading it to the website AirlineMeals.net to warn others about the questionable dishes.From 'toxic' salad to pasta that looks three days old and even 'untouchable' fish dishes, the hall of shame seems almost unending and will soon have you reaching for the sick bag.AirlineMeals was created over ten years ago, by Marco ‘t Hart and allows users to upload their food and rate it out of ten. There are now over 34,000 pictures on the site, covering 680 airlines from every corner of the globe.  Some of the uploads are singing the praises of the dishes and others shouting their displeasure. 't Hart said he created the site after his mother asked what plane food he had when he travelled between Amsterdam and Istanbul to see his girlfriend. 
He started the website with his photographs, and added some from other fliers, with their permission. Soon he had millions of views and thousands of uploaded meals.'We used the lowest ratings for a while... that used to be fun, but we now focus on the quality airlines offer. We need friends within the industry, not enemies,' he said. Despite this focus, AirlineMeals still shows the contributor's score out of ten and honest comments. 


This unfair, I alwais have to spend more than12 hours because I every year to visit my family in Cuba and I'm stuble on the plain! I can't eat because everything is disgausting, well not everything, I must say that once I ate a vegetables burrito on Air Canada and it was really good, but several times I have to espend the whole journey stuble because of that toxic food. 
Air companies have to realise that we are paying for a GOOD service of everything of course safety is the 1st, but please you don't hace to do a 5 michelin stars menu, I'm happy even with just a pot of Nutella or Ben and Jerry's ice cream! So you won't have to cook!!! Think about that.

Unappetising: This China Eastern selection failed to impress the customer who received it, although at least there was a variety of choices