dijous, 31 de març de 2016

Nip & Tuck dialogue with Nadia

+Hmm... I think I want to have a boob job!
-Are you sure? There are a lot of risks.
+It's a very common OP. I don't think it's dangerous at all!
-Yes, but sometimes the silicon is too cheap and it can be broken... you know.
+Don't be a killjoy! It will make me feel more confident.
-Are you sure it's only this? I think this is not for you.
+Well... maybe I will have a nose job too.
-This is too much for you. You are beautiful as you are and there is nothing that make up can't fix.
+Well... I will think about it.
-In case you do it, just make sure the hospital is serious, will you?
+I already have an appointment.
-I hope you change your mind. You must accept who you are and live with it. Let's watch some make-up tutorials, shall we?
+Erm... I willl do it anyways.

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Can technology make a better world?

Think about your daily life. How many technological items do you use?
Hi tech has earned a lot of power during the last few years. It has been used in many areas like economics, society, politics, etc. However, it's not as good as we think.
On of the main problems is the massive use of technology of the children. Using electronic machines they forget about the real life outside videogames. Not like our generation: we had to leave our houses and play with our friends to have fun.
Never the less, tech has a lot of benefits: for instance you can comunicate with people worldwide, from your neighboor to your friend from Dubai via WhatsApp, Skype,...
It is also easier to spread your ideas with social networks and feel closier to your idols.
You can find the love of your life through meeting, e-darling, etc or maybe have a one night stand with Tinder.
In conlcusion: if you use Internet properly, you will enjoy all the benefits it can offer.

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diumenge, 13 de març de 2016

Working for easter

This easter I had plans with my boyfriend because we wanted to celebrate our 2nd year together in Andorra. We wanted to spend 3 years days there but you know what? I van't because I work!!
I am going to work in Mambo's, the mexican restaurant from Ampuriabrava. It is cool because I'll earn some money to buy the bag that I want and  Lluis birthday's present but I won't see him until his birthday. I am quite scared because I am going to work at night but FECK IT! I won't have time for myself!! 
I am really excited because I really want to work and I love that restaurant because the food is delicious and it has a beach vibe that I like a lot. Thank God I already have the drive license because I wouldn't be able to go there and go home too. 
Let's stay positive and think about that Michael Kors that is always stearing at me in the Diagonal's store and realise that I am going to buy it for sure! So.... Work, work, work!!!

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News: Whip nae nae!!!

Grandmother Who Could Barely Breathe for a Decade Celebrates New Lungs With Some Silentó.According to Florida Hospital's YouTube page, "vivacious grandmother" (future life goal, btw), Debra Morgan, has a severe lung disease that has made breathing difficult for nearly a decade. What's worse? It prevented her from doing her most favorite of activities: owning a dance floor.Well, not anymore! Morgan received a new set of lungs several weeks ago and celebrated with her care team by busting a move to "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)." It is glorious to behold, and I feel so lucky to be able to watch this. 

What an amazing news! This Miss har recovered her strength and now sh'es able to dance the Whip Nae Nae with her doctors after a lung transplant. 
Medicine has been improving and growing so fast to make better the quality of the life of it's pacients. It has happened the same with Vet medicine. Every Saturday morning I watch a program of a vet doctor who looks like Ken ( Barbie's Husband) in Cuatro and it is amazing what is that man doing! 
I think that If I were good with maths I'd like to be vet, but, thanks God that at least I am able to speak English  (as good as I can).
Here's how this woman dances!! :) 


News: Largest cruise ship ever.

  • At 124ft longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall – the new Harmony Of The Seas is the largest cruise ship ever to set sail
  • It's so vast it even houses scaled down version of New York’s Central Park complete with 10,587 plants and 52 trees
  • Across 18 decks, the ship, which cost over £800 million to build, has 16 restaurants, cafes and boutique shopping
  • Harmony Of The Seas also has a state of the art 1,380-seat theatre where guests can enjoy musicals such as Grease 
Who wouldn't like to travel on this cruise ship? It is amazing! It has a lot of devices, a wavy swimming pool, spa, bar, night club, a climing wall, and a lot of things! It is like a city.
I have never been in a cruiser but I'd like to. I'd be awesome to take the Harmony with some friends or my boyfriend. i am sure that once I go to this cruiser, I'll want to stay there forever because they have the most important  service for my well being: shops and boutiques. 
Seriously I think that the cosntruction of this ship is good due to it offers employment for a lot of people, since the capitan to the cleaning service.. I am very suportive of this infrastructures because of that, we are living a difficult time in which we are struggeling for paying bills and thanks to services like this the tax of employment grows.
I put the video below to blow your mind!!!


dilluns, 7 de març de 2016

News: Britain's gender pay divide shame: women earn nearly £ 300.000 less than men over their working lives.

  • In 2015, women took home 24% less than men.
  • Over lifetime, women earn about £ 298k less than male workers.
  • Worls economic forum estimates full parity won't be achieved until 2133.
Why are we paid less than men if we are living in the 21st Century? 
There's a huge gap between what men earn and what women earn. I feel like sometimes we should earn even more due to we do the cooking, cleaning, looking after children, and work. I am not saying that all the men in the world in the world are lazy, but it is what usually happens!

As woman, I think that we have always been "behind" men in every aspect. 2133 is a long time!! I hope we reach equality before!!

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divendres, 4 de març de 2016


What a beautiful city!!! What can I say about London? It is like my dreamed city: it has an Abercrombie store, boots, a lot of museums, the Hamley's toy store, Harrod's etc. I kinda imagine myself living there for a year. I have always thought about living abroad but in Dublin or Norway but I've seen that London is what I am looking for.  
I am in a point of my life that I don't know what I wnat to do with my life. Do I am capable to study in the university? Will I be good enough to estudy English? Honestly I don't know, I don't know if  I am good enought to do it, that's why I am considering to do a Gap year for the next year, to find what I want to do. I am not saying that I am definetely moving on to London, but it is a possibility. The only reason to stay here is my boyfriend, he lives in Barcelona and we are used to be appart but the university was the perfect excuse to see each other everyday. It is a difficult decition but I have time enough to think about it.
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dimarts, 1 de març de 2016

London: Arnoldfini Portrait:

Last week we went to London and some of us had to do a video diary, some others a photo diary and the Art's history student had to present a picture at the National Galery. At 1st I had to present the Ambassador's portrait. I had it ready but Kaotar told me that shi didn't want to present the Arnoldfini portrait, and it is a very important piece of Van Eyk. So, I had to prepare that portrait 5 minutes before of present it and obviously I did it kinda wrong, I was nervous and I wasn't ready at all but I had to do it for my friend, so I did it.
Here's what I explainedThis work is a portrait of Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife, but is not intended as a record of their wedding. His wife is not pregnant, as is often thought, but holding up her full-skirted dress in the contemporary fashion. Arnolfini was a member of a merchant family from Lucca living in Bruges. The couple are shown in a well-appointed interior. 

The ornate Latin signature translates as 'Jan van Eyck was here 1434'. The similarity to modern graffiti is not accidental. Van Eyck often inscribed his pictures in a witty way. The mirror reflects two figures in the doorway. One may be the painter himself. Arnolfini raises his right hand as he faces them, perhaps as a greeting.
Van Eyck was intensely interested in the effects of light: oil paint allowed him to depict it with great subtlety in this picture, notably on the gleaming brass chandelier.