divendres, 24 de maig de 2013

My great-grandmother

My great grand-mother is my clon, she's everything for me. She's funny, lively, fashion, she is the cutest person in the world! I love her. I miss her a lot, she live's in Cuba, she is to far from me... When I go to Cuba I'm always in her house, because in my house there is too much peopple and I get very overwhel, so she prepares me her fantastic coffe and we talk about everything. Sometimes i do her manicure or I comb her hair, or we just watch the Tv or we listen to some music. When I have any problem or I argue with anybody, she gives me a lot of great advices. She's got 4 sonds and every sond is from a different father, that's very fun! When she was young she dyed her hair blue. She is very social, and she still goes on bike.
I love her and she is always in my mind.

My strange Christmas: Cuba

I went to Cuba last hollydays because my Mummy is from there and she wanted to celebrate with our cuban family. My Daddy and I tryed to bring together all the family, like my uncle and my cousins from Miami, but it was impossible. Despite this, we wnjoy a lot and we could celebrate my granny's 57th birthday too. My cuban best friendo moved on next to my street so we met every day and we went to party every night. It was awesome because I met new friens and my cousin, ho lives in front of my house, was always mith me. He's nice, and he is my best friend, he always listen to me and he is always doing silly things like me and jokes, and we go together to baseball matches, I love him. Rauldel ( my cousin) is a nice dancer and it was a dancers casting in the town and i went with him, because If I didn't go with he, he'll never went to. We were in the casting for 7 hours it was a very serious casting for pass to a professional school, and then have the opportunity to work in a Hotel and do a Tour. After a long morning without eat anything, he pass! We were so exited, so we went to celebrate it with all our friends. On the new year's evening I met a very handsome boy who is my best friend's friend, we went with all of our friends and my neighbors to the mountain for see the breaking down together. It was awesome, we went to sleep  at 10 o'clock in the morn, so I woke up at 6pm. Then, i went with my cousin to eat ice cream, we had a nice time and we enjoy a lot.
Every travel has an end, so I hope to return the next summer to Cuba. :)
My best friend & I

the handsome boy and me

My cousin!!! <3

Baseball with my cousin and my uncle Mario

My handsome cousin