diumenge, 2 de març de 2014

Reasons to travel

For me travel is one of the best experiences to grow up. Is the way to see the world and learn. The best way to do it is going with friends and planning all that you want to do. Is quite fun to learn how other people live and know other reallities and cultures. Is a way to runnaway from the reallity and get dessestressed. It teach you to improve your lenguage skills and involve yourself with other people, other transport ways, your money administration... I thin one of the best exeples is the gap year, you van go with a charity organitation or travel arround the world. I'm looking forward to be 18 and travel with some friends and discover the world.

Advanced test writings

Writing 1:
 Hi Jennie!
 I've read  your e-mail and your  desition is fantastic! But I can't go to run with you I'm sorry... As you know I have to carry my brother to school and I'm a little bit bussy but I would like it. Don't worry if you are lazy because I use to be it too and I found a fantastic gym with swimming pool and spas next to your house, it's quite nice and you will always have a coach  for your own like me as well. It's sad because now in batxillerat we don't have time enough to do all those things that we used to do at the ESO so I think that go to the gym teice a week and some week ends would be awesome.
Of course I can teach you to swim, as you know scuba diving is my passion and I would like to teach you. If  you want t we could meet twice a week, do an hour of excercise and swim two or more hours.
Kisses from your partner:

Writing 2: 

When I was really small 
Well, When I was a child I use to do silly things like hide for all the house, talk with a banana pretending That it was a phone ... I was crazy ... My best friend and I were living two flats of distance so when she was bored  she came up stairs and played with me, we use to go for the whole building running and calling all the doors, I know, it was wrong but it was funny and We Could not do anything else at These age. We use to go to planet màgic and enjoy together ... I miss all those afternoons and all the clothes That I wear like to wear dresses and the jumpers ... Well I really miss it!

Orphan black

Well I couldn't watch the whole serie but I really like it. It's an strange serie where Sara finds a lot of clons exactly like her. Sarah is a Middle lowlife punk who's always stuck in trouble. So much so that almost a year that is not his daughter, Kira. Sarah is an orphan, orphanage and his brother, Felix, and has not had a very stable life. In their flight to nowhere suicide presence of a woman on the subway. A woman who is, and here starts the mess, just like her. We do not know what's going through your head but then decides to supplant. That's when the problems far from solved, are multiplied. Literally.

My experience as baby sitter

Last summer I took care of my twin cousins, Carla and Asier. It was fun but it was exausting too, I had to be in Roses at ten to eight, then I had to eake them up and make them have breackfast. It was difficult to make iy because they wanted to play all  day. Then I had to carry them to go for a walk or have an ice cream and go to the park.

Village or city life?

I live in a village, it is quite borring because you cannot do anything but go  for a walk or take photos. I take the buas to go to Figueres or tar the train to go to Giriona or Barcelona. i would like to live in a city because I could go to the cinema more often or visit shops. to be in the city is more fun than being in a village, you always see more people and different things. There are more activities tand things to do like bowling, shopping, discotecs, etc. Definetly I preffer to live in a city.

Do exercise while you're a batxillerat student

When I was sutudying ESO I had time enough to study and go to the gym, now I can't. I have to study almost the whole afternoon to "try" to pass the exams. Sometimes even if I wake up earlier ( at 5 o'clock) I fail them. I think that I'm blocked because I cannot do anything else but study. I'm so stressed, I don't have time for myself or if I have it I relax a little and then I study again. At the week end I try to go by bike but I want to meet with my friends too. i would like that teachers let us breathe and quit some homework or help us more to orgagnize the exams time table to get  rid of too many exams in one week. Sometimes I have an economy exam one day after bussiness and I confuse them. We need to have a social life or more time to know what we are doing.

dissabte, 1 de març de 2014

News: Teens who troll themselves

in a shocking ney form of self-harming, some young people become their own vile online bullies.

Everyday after getting home from school, the first thing Ellie Thomas would do was switch on her laptop.
then she browsed her facebook page, checked for updates

Then she browsed her Facebook page, checked for updates from friends she had seen just half-an-hour earlier and commented on the latest cute pictures of her baby niece.
But that wasn't the only social networking she did. Later, during a break in her homework, she would curl up on the bed and log on to Ask FM, a social network bear-pit where young people pose questions and invite anonymous answers.
There, under her profile name, she would ask a question such as: 'What is the best thing about me?'
But Ellie didn't have to wait for a response from her friends, or any of the millions of strangers on the network.
Instead, she logged back in under the name of another user she had created, an alter ego called 'Staceeey'. Then she scrolled to her question and answered it herself: 'Nothing. You are no one.'
While her parents, council manager Jonathan and his wife Sue, an office assistant, assumed Ellie was studying for her forthcoming exams, the teenager posted dozens of vicious remarks about herself over the course of a year.
Ellie says: 'I knew it was me writing that stuff, but on screen it wasn't me. My own posts would say I was ugly, I was useless, I wasn't loved... all the stuff going round in my head.
'If I saw it in black and white coming from "other people", it helped get it out there and make it real.
'My friends were trying to stick up for me against these mysterious trolls, so to keep up I had to post insulting messages about them, too, calling them slags.
'It was killing me to see them get so angry on my behalf and I knew I had to stop. But it was never about hurting people. It was about hurting myself.'

Ellie may never have cut herself. But the teenager was engaging in another form of self-harm, which used words instead of razor blades.
She is one of what seems to be a growing number of British teens indulging in the sinister and habit-forming practice of self-trolling.
Ellie was lucky. When another mother asked Sue how she was coping with her daughter being 'cyber-bullied', Sue begged Ellie to tell her what had been going on. She was shocked that her daughter had seemingly kept the hurtful abuse to herself.
Yet Ellie has never admitted to her mother that she posted the comments. To this day her parents think she was a victim of vicious trolling by strangers.
Crippled by embarrassment, Ellie decided to confide in adults who run an anti-self-harm website. To increase understanding of the issue, they shared her story with the Mail this week, providing we changed her name.
Ellie may have found help to beat her habit but not every youngster is so fortunate.
Fourteen-year-old Hannah Smith, from Lutterworth, Leicestershire, hanged herself in her bedroom last summer after messages were posted on Ask FM telling her to 'go die', 'get cancer' and 'drink bleach'.
At first, as in Ellie's case, cyber-bullies were blamed for the abuse. Then her father revealed that detectives believed she had been sending the messages to herself.
Choosing her words with extreme care this month, coroner Catherine Mason said the social network would not be called to the inquest.
 My opinion: 
I think teenager we have a lot of pression beacuse of tho social networks. I think that we pretend to be cool and sometimes we get depressed because watch how the other peopple is and how we are, we want to be perfect and be another person. I think that's why that girl trolled herself...  We are obsessed with the thougt of being bored in our house watching how each other is having fun.