diumenge, 25 de novembre de 2012

Just me

I'm a shy person and when I'm nervous I talk too mutch, and I don't stop laughing. I'm a nervous person, I'm moving all the time. At the firs impression I apperar serious and posh, but when you know me well, I'm funny. I love fashion and make-up, I always try to look pretty. I'm very insecure with myself and my body. I like to go to the gym, I go four times a week. I love to spend time with my friends and do silly things with them, go shopping or go to partys and I love music too.
I think I am a good friend because I like to help and give advices, I prefere to listen than talk because this way I can know how my friends feel. When a friend is sad I get sad too and I have to help them somehow.
I when I'm sad I like to go for a walk alone or with my dog or talk with my mum because she always calms me.
So I think I need to change my confidence problems to be moreconfident with myself, but always to be myself.
Marta Salvatella.