divendres, 24 de maig de 2013

My great-grandmother

My great grand-mother is my clon, she's everything for me. She's funny, lively, fashion, she is the cutest person in the world! I love her. I miss her a lot, she live's in Cuba, she is to far from me... When I go to Cuba I'm always in her house, because in my house there is too much peopple and I get very overwhel, so she prepares me her fantastic coffe and we talk about everything. Sometimes i do her manicure or I comb her hair, or we just watch the Tv or we listen to some music. When I have any problem or I argue with anybody, she gives me a lot of great advices. She's got 4 sonds and every sond is from a different father, that's very fun! When she was young she dyed her hair blue. She is very social, and she still goes on bike.
I love her and she is always in my mind.