diumenge, 3 de març de 2013

my favourite Tv serie: Litle pretty liars (pequeñas mentirosas)

My favourite tv serie is Litle pretty liars, it talks about 5 friends, one of them is dead. After her murder the rest of friends (Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily) are acosed for an anonim person: -A who send messages theatening them every day. In the begginning, Aria knows a boy olther than she and they fell in love, then he beggin to work in her high school as a teacher and -A is trying to separate them. Emily is lesbian her mother didn't know but -A betrayed her. Spencer was coiled with her sister future husband and Hannah was fat in the pass but she thinned a lot, she had problems with money and her mom (who work in a bank) borrowed.
Alison (the dead one) was the leader of them, she was perverse and manipulative with her friends, she always made bulling at everybody who didn't like her and a lot of peopple want to see her dead.
I think is a fantastic serie, is always interesting and always keeps the intrigue, you have to see it to understand me. The clothes are fantastic, the history, songs, everything!
 I'm addicted to this serie, I think -A is Alison's murder.