diumenge, 1 de desembre de 2013

My experience in Millenium:

On Saturday 19th of October, I went to milenium with my friend Esther and it was AWESOME. We went by bus and everybody was crazy because they were shouting a lot, drinking and insulting the driver too. But we finaly arrived. The disco was huge and amazing. I lost my friend once and then we met again. We danced and we laughed a lot. We went tomeet Mike "The situation" , he had to arrive at 2:30 am but he arrived at 3:30. We were in the queue for one hour and I had to take my hihg heels off. I lost Esther in the queue but I met a lot of other people there. Finally at 4:30 I took the photo with him and another boy and we went to dance until 5:15, then I had to leave. I want to go again because I liked a lot that place and I hope to return there soon.