dilluns, 22 de febrer de 2016

London Suitcase!!

We are going to lonndon on the 25th of February until the 29th  but here's the problem: I can only bring 10kg of hand luggage!!!
We are spending 4 days there and I don't know the weather is going to be like. Obviously I can check it on my iPhone but what if it doesn't work? I am an amazing packer because I am used to travelling, but with an avarage of 24kg of luggage! I roll up all my clothes because it doesn't need as much space as folded clothes. But here's the big deal: what can I do with my make-up? I have a lot of make up and I am terrified that police will make me throw it up? I need to put it in a plastic bag but what about the eye shadows? Do they considere them liquit or not? I have a huge  palette but I can't bring it.
Another thing that bothers me are the shoes: How any pair of shoes should will I wear? Rain boots, UGGs, Vans or platform shoes? 
this is going to ve a massive headache. It  is the worst nighmare ever!