dissabte, 6 de febrer de 2016

Research Paper Abstract.

Cinema Soundtracks.

Keywords: Soundtrack, cinema, art, movies.

Have you ever wondered what's the role of that song in that part of the movie? Has it an explaination? Have sountracks and cinema changed along history? How composers do the music score? 
Music in cinema has been there since mute movies, there was a man with a piano while the people was watching the movie. In the transition to talking cinema, most of the people did not like the actors' voice or instead of that they did not speak the same lenguage. 
There's a lot of explainations for these questions and in my Research Paper I am going to respond that.
First of all I want to make sure that everybody unterstands the functions of the music in movies, then I want to travel through the histori of them and then check how the composers compose the soundtracks.
In the practical part I'll do some surveys with the help of a video that I made with c¡some sequences of the movies to confirm that they fullfill it's functions.