diumenge, 8 de juny de 2014

1st certificate writings

Writing 1:
 Hi Jennie!
 I've read  your e-mail and your  desition is fantastic! But I can't go to run with you I'm sorry... As you know I have to carry my brother to school and I'm a little bit bussy but I would like it. Don't worry if you are lazy because I use to be it too and I found a fantastic gym with swimming pool and spas next to your house, it's quite nice and you will always have a coach  for your own like me as well. It's sad because now in batxillerat we don't have time enough to do all those things that we used to do at the ESO so I think that go to the gym teice a week and some week ends would be awesome.
Of course I can teach you to swim, as you know scuba diving is my passion and I would like to teach you. If  you want t we could meet twice a week, do an hour of excercise and swim two or more hours.
Kisses from your partner: