diumenge, 8 de juny de 2014

My favourite person...

Everybody has a favourite person in our lifes. Sometimes is a member of our family, a friend, a celebrity... In my case is my Boyfriend Lluis. Is the most similar person like me. He is the only one who understands me and makes me laugh when I need it. He knows when I am sad or worried about something.
Is tge 1st boy that I've ever met that makes the same jokes as me and do them with me without care about what people say. We can go by the middle of the city and annoyig tourists making selfies with them, or being in the middle of their photo when they are doing pictures of something.
I cannot be bored when I'm with him because we have always something to do: go to Starbuck's and pretend that we are so posh, go to the beach, go shopping, etc. He has the most beautiful eyes in the world, I can't stop look at them. We are not an usual couple because we are friends too and we are not always saying how we love each other or how beatyful we are. We call each other stupid, idiot, piggy, koala, retarded and dome more preety things! And that's why I dedicate this song to him, I hope you enjoy it :D