divendres, 21 de novembre de 2014

News: Money cannot buy happiness

The clear proof that money cannot buy happiness is the BILLIONAIRE John Caudwell.
This man is known as the father or 4U phones. But although being one of the welthiest men in the world, he has a heavy life, but it doesn't mean that he enjoys his luxurious life. He has splited up with his girlfiend Claire Johnson, who has been his partner during this lasts 15 years. The reason was that they were always arguing and it wasn't good for their 10 year old sond. Another point that makes us see how unhappy can be this rich man is the disiese that his sond Rufus (sond of his 1st marriage)  has: agarofobia, he has been with this strugle since 8 years ago . Rufus's sister has suffer several anxiety atacks. We know how a person that we love is not ok can make us feel bad and we feel the pain. 

According to the text my opinion is that: money can't buy us happiness but can help to solve economic problems. This poor man has been the proof. Maybe we can ba as rish as we want to but, we don't have that thing that makes us happy: Love and Healthy. If we don't have Love from ourselfs, family, friends or a couple we couldn't share our joy with someone or maybe we would be with bad companies, like interessed people nor, if we are not healthy we cannot life as long as we want, we would feel ill and tired and it's not ok. Maybe someone who is not rich has love and healthy and that is nice! You can share all that you have with that people quitely.