divendres, 21 de novembre de 2014

The good, the bad and the ugly.

The most important thing in a person is personality- not their appearence or intelligence.- Sometimes we know people who are super intelligent but is a bad person or has a terrible temper. Or in reverse, we know people who is not as intelligent as other people but are sociable  and kind.
It's not bad to be less intelligent then the others, you can fit in with other people if you are friendly and approachable. We usually judge people by the way they dress or beauty and it's not fair because they can be a good person and intelligent as well. This happens too often and we miss to meet someone for these kind of things. 
Sometimes we can have these three things and have luch about this.
I want to use, as an example, Lluis. As all humans he has good things and not so god ones. He has a cheerful personality, he's always smiling when I see him and he has always a funny story to explain to me when we meet. He is someone who you can trust in and talk when you need to, because he always listents to you. he is so shy and and when he is not ok, he sometimes doesn't explain to you why and you have to be like a detective (it's something I'm quite good with). When he is confy with you, he can be a little bit anoying and talks a lot, but this makes me laugh because I do it too. When you don't feel good, for him it's hard to help you, although he understands you and tries to do it and help you. Lluis is so intelligent and he sometimes seems like he's cold and serious and not approachable person, but he needs time.