dimarts, 2 de desembre de 2014

Tired of comercial music

Almost everybody listens to comercial music, and for me it's a little bit boring. People is used to listen the same, when ther'es a lot of really good artists unknowns. I think that we are ade by a factory because it happens the same with clothes, thoughts and some kind of things. Sometimes we feel ashaim of being different, when being different is the best thing that you can be. Of course you can preteand that you are not like the others but that's fake and a stupid thing.  Tthe best thing you can be is yourself and be the best you can be. 
There's a song that I really like because it talks about of this: be yourself. Sometimes is hard if you are alone but I'm sure that someday It'll someone who can understands you. The song has been written by Jessy J. Ok, I know that now she's more popular but I still like her. Enjoy it!