dissabte, 6 de juny de 2015

Derek is dead!!!!

I've been a Grey's anatomy fan since the very begining. I like its stories. It talks about Meredith Grey's life, who is a doctor, then she gets married with another doctor, Derek Shepper. They have 2 daughters and everything is perfect for them, not all the time like alway, but almost all the time because thy really love each other. This last season has been very hectic it happened a lot of things, Chistina Yang, Meredith's best friend left, Derek moved to Washinton for a time and now Meredith has a new sister, Wever's and Elise Grey's daughter (they were lovers). But Shonda Rhimes decided to change everything at the end of the season. Derek came back to Siattle with Meredith and he wanted to have another baby but he had to do another trip to Washinton to talk with the president, but he had an accident and suffered a brain death. It has been the sadest episode EVER!!! I never nver never cry with anything but I spended the last 3 episodes crying!!! Then you discover that meredith got pregnant before Derek's death. I hate Shonda so much! They were the perfect couple, they have children, c'mon, it's not fair!
In conclusion: I will always remember Derek.