divendres, 5 de juny de 2015

Pretty little liars is coming!!!!

God I'm so happy because today I'll watch the 1st episode of the 6th season of PLL. I'm so excityet¡d to know who's A and why is he or she doing all this things to Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna, Mona and Allyson. This girls have been suffering a lot of things (it's a serie I know) but now, Allyson is alive!!! There are happening a lot of things in this serie and too fast. I'm sad because I know that this is almost the end and its my favourite serie!!!!
It looks like I amb whatching the Tv all the time but it's not true because I don't have all this time but when I can I like to whatch ths series with my Mom because she has a very stressfull job and it's our time to relax and have a rest before go to sleep. I'm so excited for tonight because I have been waiting for so long to keep whatching PLL. I hope you can enjoy your night!! :)