divendres, 5 de juny de 2015

Keeping up with the kardashians!

Last month I started to get hooked on the Kardashians tv show. It can seem stupid but I learn a lot of words that in high school I can't learn.
It's a quite funny tv show, you can see is the Jenner-Kardashian living. I watch it through internet because is more confortable, I can whatch it whenever I have time enough to do it (normally at friday night) and its interesting. They are a difunctional family because they are crazy but they love each other. Now a days, Bruce Jenner, the familly father is a Woman!!! It's quite confuesed because you can see him happily married with Kriss but now they are divorced and he is a woman, Catelin!!
Well I hope you can watch it someday and enjoy it and laugh like I do!