dimecres, 10 de juny de 2015

Final reflection

1.Can you see an improvement in their standard of English in the last two years? When, for example? 
     Yes, I think my pronuntiation is better than I was in the ESSO or batchillerat.
2. Which activity shows better their English? 
      I think the best way to show your level of English are oral presentations and speaking.
3.Which activities were very useful for emprovement? Why? 
    The best activities are oral presentations because it really showed how our  accent and  pronuntation is.
4. Which activities have not been helpful eanglish learn? Why not? 
    I have nothing to say about this, I think that everything is useful someway.
5. Which activities would you like to do again next year to keep on improving their English?
    Oral and blogger I think they are a way expresse yourself how you want and we could whatch a serie to       improve our listening