diumenge, 9 de juny de 2013

My favourite singer and my favourite group music

I know that you are thinking about Justin Bieber, but he is not my favourite singer. My favourite singer is Mika, he is funny, positive and cheerfull. I have his 3 CD's: Live in cartoon motion, the boy who kneew to much and Celebrate. He is my favourite singer since I was twelve years old, when I listen Grace kelly (his 1st single) I was very sorprized, it was fantastic! Then my good father bought me the CD for my birth day and I fell in love with him, the songs were so different of the other artists and so positives (relax, lolly pop, billy brown...), thank's to his music I started to study english more seriously. He made Kick As movie soundtrack and its nice, all his songs are fantastic.
Is very difficult decide what's my favourite group,  love Bon Jovi, Green day, Muse, Paramore, but... I love Jonas Brothers, they are magical, his songs are Rock, pop with a litle bit of country (what did I do to rour heart is my favourite the most country song) The first song I listened was Kids of the future, and then came SOS. My friend Esther and I were so in love with them and we have been a lot of hours in front of the computer singing they songs ald watching all they videos. We have al they CD's and we're still fans. They had seppared but they had retourned again. The new single is Pom Poms, but I'm going to show you my favourite song, and now, fly with me...