dimecres, 3 de desembre de 2014

Film review: Maleficient

This film is about Maleficient's story and as you know she is the witch in sleeping beauty. It is not the same story as you have seen, therefore there are much more things behind this version. First you can see how was Maleficient when she was a child and then an adolescent, when she became bad. She's so disappointed with love and someone stole her wings.
I personally liked this film because you can see that she's not as bad as she seems.
Angelina Jolie is Maleficient and I think she's a really good actrees. There were a lot of characters,Sleeping Beauty whose name is Aurora, Phlip prince, the king and the three Godmother fairies, who takes care of Aurora since she's born. There are a lot of special effects because there are monsters, fire and this kind of fantastic things. My favourite part is the ending but...  I WON'T TELL IT!

PS: there's a Song from Lana del Rey