dimecres, 3 de desembre de 2014

Repeating 1st of batxillerat.

This year I'm repeating 1st of batchillerat and I feel much better now. Last Year was totally different because there were a lot of groups in class and that was awfull, everybody was in a bad mood. Although, we were mixted, social with scientist one. It was hard because in some subjects, teachers treat us like if everybody was doing the scientist.
My marks were horrible and sad, I failed 7 subjects but in june recuperations I passed 4. I could pass If I recuparate in September, I didn't want do though. I shoud have been studying the whole summer and thi te TDR work and the very important reason was the medium final mark. 
I so happy to have taken this decision and I think I'm doing it fine. University ias waiting for me.