dimarts, 2 de desembre de 2014

What's the best age?

When we were 7 we just wanted to have fun and think about what could I wear the next day. Now that I'm 17 I can just think about exams, homework and I have to hit the books a lot. When we were 7 we didn't think obout what people could say about our clothes and we wore colorful dresses and funny tights. When we were 7 we didn't judge a book for it's cover, we were friends with all kinds of people and we had fun with them. Now people criticize us only for being how we are. I miss those afternoons playing in a park with my friends or going to Planeta Màgic.
But being 17 (18 now) is not so bad, you have more freedom to decide what you want to do and you are able to do things on your own, people change and it's normal, we find new friends, we have more ideas and a new perspective to see the life. I cannot choose between these two options because growing up is fun, and after all: impossible to avoid.