dijous, 31 de març de 2016

Can technology make a better world?

Think about your daily life. How many technological items do you use?
Hi tech has earned a lot of power during the last few years. It has been used in many areas like economics, society, politics, etc. However, it's not as good as we think.
On of the main problems is the massive use of technology of the children. Using electronic machines they forget about the real life outside videogames. Not like our generation: we had to leave our houses and play with our friends to have fun.
Never the less, tech has a lot of benefits: for instance you can comunicate with people worldwide, from your neighboor to your friend from Dubai via WhatsApp, Skype,...
It is also easier to spread your ideas with social networks and feel closier to your idols.
You can find the love of your life through meeting, e-darling, etc or maybe have a one night stand with Tinder.
In conlcusion: if you use Internet properly, you will enjoy all the benefits it can offer.

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