dilluns, 7 de març de 2016

News: Britain's gender pay divide shame: women earn nearly £ 300.000 less than men over their working lives.

  • In 2015, women took home 24% less than men.
  • Over lifetime, women earn about £ 298k less than male workers.
  • Worls economic forum estimates full parity won't be achieved until 2133.
Why are we paid less than men if we are living in the 21st Century? 
There's a huge gap between what men earn and what women earn. I feel like sometimes we should earn even more due to we do the cooking, cleaning, looking after children, and work. I am not saying that all the men in the world in the world are lazy, but it is what usually happens!

As woman, I think that we have always been "behind" men in every aspect. 2133 is a long time!! I hope we reach equality before!!

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