dijous, 31 de març de 2016

Nip & Tuck dialogue with Nadia

+Hmm... I think I want to have a boob job!
-Are you sure? There are a lot of risks.
+It's a very common OP. I don't think it's dangerous at all!
-Yes, but sometimes the silicon is too cheap and it can be broken... you know.
+Don't be a killjoy! It will make me feel more confident.
-Are you sure it's only this? I think this is not for you.
+Well... maybe I will have a nose job too.
-This is too much for you. You are beautiful as you are and there is nothing that make up can't fix.
+Well... I will think about it.
-In case you do it, just make sure the hospital is serious, will you?
+I already have an appointment.
-I hope you change your mind. You must accept who you are and live with it. Let's watch some make-up tutorials, shall we?
+Erm... I willl do it anyways.

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