diumenge, 13 de març de 2016

Working for easter

This easter I had plans with my boyfriend because we wanted to celebrate our 2nd year together in Andorra. We wanted to spend 3 years days there but you know what? I van't because I work!!
I am going to work in Mambo's, the mexican restaurant from Ampuriabrava. It is cool because I'll earn some money to buy the bag that I want and  Lluis birthday's present but I won't see him until his birthday. I am quite scared because I am going to work at night but FECK IT! I won't have time for myself!! 
I am really excited because I really want to work and I love that restaurant because the food is delicious and it has a beach vibe that I like a lot. Thank God I already have the drive license because I wouldn't be able to go there and go home too. 
Let's stay positive and think about that Michael Kors that is always stearing at me in the Diagonal's store and realise that I am going to buy it for sure! So.... Work, work, work!!!

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