dimarts, 3 de març de 2015

News: Planes horrible food

Pass the sick bad! From untouchable fish to "toxic" Salad.

Airline food does not have the best reputation.
From stodgy meals to unrecognisable dishes, it seems everyone has a horror story about being served up inedible food on flights. And some even go as far as taking a picture of their unappetising snack and uploading it to the website AirlineMeals.net to warn others about the questionable dishes.From 'toxic' salad to pasta that looks three days old and even 'untouchable' fish dishes, the hall of shame seems almost unending and will soon have you reaching for the sick bag.AirlineMeals was created over ten years ago, by Marco ‘t Hart and allows users to upload their food and rate it out of ten. There are now over 34,000 pictures on the site, covering 680 airlines from every corner of the globe.  Some of the uploads are singing the praises of the dishes and others shouting their displeasure. 't Hart said he created the site after his mother asked what plane food he had when he travelled between Amsterdam and Istanbul to see his girlfriend. 
He started the website with his photographs, and added some from other fliers, with their permission. Soon he had millions of views and thousands of uploaded meals.'We used the lowest ratings for a while... that used to be fun, but we now focus on the quality airlines offer. We need friends within the industry, not enemies,' he said. Despite this focus, AirlineMeals still shows the contributor's score out of ten and honest comments. 


This unfair, I alwais have to spend more than12 hours because I every year to visit my family in Cuba and I'm stuble on the plain! I can't eat because everything is disgausting, well not everything, I must say that once I ate a vegetables burrito on Air Canada and it was really good, but several times I have to espend the whole journey stuble because of that toxic food. 
Air companies have to realise that we are paying for a GOOD service of everything of course safety is the 1st, but please you don't hace to do a 5 michelin stars menu, I'm happy even with just a pot of Nutella or Ben and Jerry's ice cream! So you won't have to cook!!! Think about that.

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