dissabte, 28 de novembre de 2015

A woman buys whole toy store, donates contents to homeless children.

NY1 News reports on the ~heartwarming~ story of New York City philanthropist Carol Suchman, who recently purchased an entire toy store's worth of toys as holiday gifts for homeless children in the city. Suchman donates toys regularly, but this year on a much grander scale after noticing a shuttered toy store advertised as for rent in her neighborhood— a toy store still full of toys. She told NY1 she contacted the owner and "negotiated" a deal to buy all the contents in bulk (adding that the owner was "thrilled" with her offer) which she then passed along to NYC's Department of Homeless Services.
A DHS spokesperson said that they frequently benefit from "generous sponsors" and "toy drives" regularly, but "this is the first time anybody ever bought out an entire store and donated to the children of shelters." While telling TODAY.com that she's thrilled by the positive response to her generosity — the waitress in her local coffee shop gave her a kiss, even — Suchman added simply that "everyone can use a gift around the holidays." 
So hey, stop and think for a second as you go treat yourself come Black Friday and its messy doorbuster sales (if not this holiday season in general) and maybe find a way to treat someone else also. You deserve it, sure, but so do many other folks too.


This is so sweet. Thanks to that woman, a lot of poor children will smile for once. They have a tough life and their parents can't afford to buy them toys.  I personally believe that every parent should teach their children that there's a lot of poor kid that they are not as lucky as they are and they hace to share more. 
I remember that when I was a child my Mom and I collected some toys that I wasn't using to give them away to an ONG just before christmass. She always told me that Santa Claus would be better if I was a good girls and give that toys to them. It was such a funny day because my Mom made it to look easy and funnier. Sometimes I was too generous because I wanted to give them everything I had and I always felt happy to do that. I was always asking my Mom when are we supposed to do the toys collect, I was excyted.
It is a way to make homeless children happier because sometimes you cannot afford to buy them new toys but you can contribute give them all the toys that you don't use. When I grow up and have children I'll do the same with my kids and show them that sometimes things are not as easy as they seem.
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