dissabte, 28 de novembre de 2015

The power of make up.

Sometimes you have a special event and you want to look stunning and gorgeous: you have the perfect outfit, with the perfect bag and the perfect heels but unfurtunately, your face is an effing mess!
Hopefully today we have a magical solution to know how to fix your face and do your make up: You Tube tutorials. I am obessed with them. I have learnt a lot about contourning, baking, plumping lips, and all that technics that celebrities use.
I follow a lot of youtubers like Lizy P, Zoella, Huda beauty, ratolina, easy neon and specially Nikkietutorials. She has done a very interesting video to show up the power that make up has. However, this video became viral in just a week and made increased her number of subscribers. It is such a nice video because you can see how she looks with and without make up. 
She only does the half of her face and the other one is make up free. I think that this is nice because she shows that nobody is perfect, not even youtubers and shows us how make up change our face as well.
I'll let you some vides below and some pics to show you how my make up skills have improved. I hope you like it!

Nikkie's Video

My make up