diumenge, 29 de novembre de 2015

My Mad Fat Diary

Oh my God, I am so sad! This summer I got hooked up with a serie that only has 3 seasons with eleven episodes and it's called My Mad Fat Diary.
It was awesome, it is about a girl called Rae Earl: She has been i  rehab because of her mental problems, she tried to comite suicide because she doesn't got self-stime and she practiced self-harm. Once she gets out from the rehab, she starts go meet with her old best briend and then she meets with her group of friends, they call theirself "The Gang". There she meets Finn, the love of her life and then a lot of things happen.
She tries to do a normal life like go to school, college and all that king of stuff but then her illness shows up again. 
It is a really interesting serie because it is quite realistic and it is based in 1996 wich is really cool because you can see how the fashion was then. I definetely recomend it to everybody because it is a really nice show and you can learn some English grammar although, the British accent was quite difficult for me to understand because I am used to the American one but then you star to get it.
I hope that someday the producers consider to do some more seasons. 

amor, rae earl, and black and white image