diumenge, 29 de novembre de 2015

What a sad Monday!!!

Students find popular high school teacher hanged in classroom

Jillian Jacobson, a photography teacher at El Dorado High school, committed suicide in her classroom in Placentia, California, The Huffington Post reports. She was 31. When students tried to enter the classroom Monday morning, they found the door locked and asked another teacher to help them unlock it. They found Jacobson hanged inside and called the police immediately. When the paramedics arrived, Jacobson was pronounced dead at the scene. Police believe there was no foul play in her death. Jacobson had worked at El Dorado High School since 2008, and she was reportedly a wonderful influence on the students' lives. "She would ask everybody how their weekend was," student Lacie Urquhart said. "If you were down, she would try to help you. She was just a very kind, loving person."


This is so sad!! Sometimes people who looks like is happy is the saddest. Sometimes a depression is not visible, I mean, sometimes you can't tell that someone is drepressed because it's always lively and cheerful. It's a shaim to lost a good teacher or someone that supports you.
She was only 31! She was so young and everybody loved her, she really looked nice.  But as I said, sometimes people hide their feelings and have a war in their minds and that cause a depression. Life is beautiful, not always, almost always is hard, maybe personally, profersionally or if you are a teenager sometimes you feel like you cannot manage everything (exams actually), although it doesn't mean that you have to surrender. Do the best you can and carry on.