dissabte, 28 de novembre de 2015

My plans next year.

This year is the last year of high school, finally!!!
My plan is to move on to Barcelona because I want to study there ans actually I have a tiny flat. I think I am going to study English or hotel direction, but what I like the most is English, but time will tell.
What I would like to do next year is to do a fashion blog and a youtube chanel about make up, beauty tricks, hair care and all that kind of stuff.
I'm so excited by the fact that I am gping to be independent and selfsuficient, I'm going to meet new people and I amb going to be my boyfriend as well.
I have some friends there and I know that I'm not going to be alone, but I want to find new friends. I am going to be in the city and there are a lot of things to do. I am lucky to have a flat because it is really expensive to live in Barcelona and it is also on the beach front!
Hmm... maybe I won't come back to home for the summer...!