dissabte, 7 de maig de 2016

News: CHANEL stages fashion show in Cuba.

French fashion house Chanel has staged its show in the Cuban capital Havana - the first international fashion show since the 1959 communist revolution.
World celebrities gathered at a leafy promenade turned into a catwalk for the firm's Cruise collection, even though Chanel goods are not sold in Cuba.
Ordinary Cubans were held behind police lines around the event venue, and many voiced their frustration.
The show is the latest sign in Cuba's warming relations with the West.
Earlier this week, a US cruise ship docked in Havana after sailing from Florida - the first such crossing in more than 50 years.
Cuba and the US restored diplomatic relations last year.
Celebrities - including actor Vin Diesel and supermodel Gisele Bundchen - attended the show at the Prado promenade to see Chanel's leading designer Karl Lagerfeld displaying the new collection.
Lagerfeld said the line was inspired by Cuba's "cultural richness".
But Havana residents could only watch from behind the security cordon lines as VIP guests arrived at the show in specially rented antique American sedans.
"It's a shame they don't let us pass," aspiring local model Reinaldo Fonseca was quoted as saying by the Associated Press news agency.
Chanel goods would cost well beyond the average Cuban wage of $25 (£17) a month, the BBC's Will Grant says.


This  new by one handmade me happy because I am half Cuban but by the other the other one I feel kinda sad and angry because of the sistem and how the people is living there.
I am happy because thanks to these kind of events the tak of tourism will increase and hopefully one day things will get better: there's going to be more freedom for people whenever they want to travel and also more products to buy. Lately it has been a hugh amount of famous people like Paula Echevarria, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West or one of my favourite Bloggers Dulceida that have treveled to Cuba. But in my opinion, everybody should go not only for traveling and explore the amazing landskapes that the Island has, but they should go there and know the reality.
I am so luky to know how all works there, my Mom's best friend is economist and she works in an important enterprise from China there and she only earns 20$ every month.
In case you don't know it, Cuba has two currencies: Cuban Peso and CUC, which is actually like a Dollar. 24 pesos are 1 dollar. You must think: oh she earns a good ammount of money (500 pesos) because everything is cheaper there but she doesn't. Basic products are shared out with a notebook, you can buy rice, beens, cofee or tobacco with pesos but if you want to eat meet or buy some shampoo you have to buy it with CUC ans for them it is very expensive, they pay 24 pesos for a can of tomatoe sause, it is insane, for them is like paying 24 euros from 500 that they earn as long as they find what they want because sometime's you can't find it.
It is sad that with an event like Chanel's catwalk Cuban people cannot even enjoy it because they are guarded by the police, as if they were wild animals or something.
A couple of years before Cuban people couldn't not go into Hotels so you can imagine how oppressed they are.
One of my dreams is to go there with an influencer like Dulceida and show them how is living there and record it, show it to the World and call for a change.

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