dissabte, 7 de març de 2015

Living between two societies.

My mom and my dad have different nationalities, she's Cuban and he's Catalan. They are both nice but they are so different just because of their cultures. Catalan people are more serious and they are not always happy because of the money. But in Cuba they are happy anyway, if you go there, you always see people on the street smiling and laughing with the others and sharing everything they have, when they can. Sometimes here we are mean (NOT ALWAYS) and we don't share our things enough, we are more materialistic. My friends there are so different: one of them is a dancer, an other one is a doctor and another one (the only girl of the group) is a teenager mom. When you talk with each of them you can see that they are happy on their way. 
Sometimes we don't need much money to be happy and it is a nice experience to be able to compare two different cultures. I know I look like a material girl, but I'm not. I have seen the most pour part of the world  as the welthiest one. Judge me if you want but think that I'm able to live anywhere, anyway.
I'm looking forweard to going back to Cuba this August.