dissabte, 7 de març de 2015

My perfect Gap year.

I've been talking to my mum about what a gap year is and she thinks that I must do it. I told her that I want to travel arround Europe with the Interrail, which is a train that goes by the whole continent. My plan is to go as a backpacker.
I need to do this, and now is the time, I'm young and this is an oportunity to learn how to travel, learn how to take care about myself, apreciate all that I have and enjoy with my friends. One of them is Lluis (who is more than a friend) another one is Ana and Vanessa.
The most important destinations are Paris, Ansterdam, Bucarest, Praga, Brusels and Milano, I hope to do it the summer before university. So I have to do my best to achiev it (I'm doing it and I'm proud about myself)!!!!!!!!!!