dimarts, 3 de març de 2015

News: Love on a tavel.

British backpacker who left 'love poster' for mystery man she spotted on New Zealand beach enjoys their first date... but will they get together again?

It seems love might be in the air for a Scottish backpacker who managed to woo a handsome man she saw on the beach by painting him a poster that went viral.Glasgow artist Sarah Milne was relaxing at the beach in Picton - north of Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island - when she spotted her mystery man 'shirtless, wearing black shorts with stars tattooed on his torso and running with a curly, bouncy and blonde dog'.She decided she had to see him again, and despite not knowing anything about him apart from how he looked, decided to create a poster which she hung next to the beach in the hope he would see it. And on Tuesday, she met the elusive gentleman, now revealed as William Chalmers, after her note went viral on social media. 

How cute is this!! It's like a Film, it seems unreal but it is not! He said that there's a lot of S*(ugar) in the world but there's also a lot of love. People wants to fall in love everywhere, love is in the air!!! She's so luky because people have been polite and did not touch the note, and they helped her as well.
We could write a book with this story, like John Sparks: girls sees a boy, she falls in love, but he's a stranger, she writes a letter and draws a picture of him, she chaises him, he notices, he goes for her and they fall in love!!! At least he wasn't an asshole and he went there she was... This is so sweet!!!!!

Love note: The handmade message Milne used to launch a public appeal to find a  man after a brief encounter on Friday