diumenge, 8 de març de 2015

Katy Perry's Super bowl performance.

Super bowl is the most important event of the year in the USA, is like the champions of Football. Every year an artist makes a performance, and this year was Katy Perry's turn. She was amazing, like always, she started to sing "Roar"  rised in a large tiger ( a robot tiger). But there was a sorprise Lenny Kravitz was there! I love him, they sang together. The stage was full of color and lights. It was such amazing. Last year Beyoncé was the superbowl artist and she was GORGEOUS because she danced so well (she's beyoncé) and she appeared with Destiny's Child, her old music band. Whatever, Katy's performance was so fun.
I couln't chooce betwin this two, so I let you the 2 perfonmances below,