dissabte, 7 de març de 2015

I'm all about that bass.

How many times have you heard about if you are fat or skinny? God, people cannot stop talk about "the perfect weight". In my opinion the perfect weight is when you feel confident about your body. 
The world would be borring if everybody is like stick!!! Sometimes big people is more cheerful. We can't expect to be like Victoria's secret top models, EVERY woman is beautiful. 
Okay you can fall in love with someone who is so tall and skinny but maybe then this person is ugly in it's inside or dumb. You can't judge a book by it's cover. Big girls can give you love too. Now there are plenty of blogs from supersize fashionists bloggers that show you how to look fashionable depending of your body. You can have a lot of curves  or you are straight , whatever, they can show you fantastic things about fashion. 
This song is perfect because is telling us that no matter the weight, you are BEAUTIFUL!